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Enlist Evolve as an inclusive benefit for your employees and their families

Evolve can support your team members as well as their family members to help them create more meaningful relationships and thrive at work. Our offerings include our award-winning mental health app along with therapy provided by experts who share the same identities and similar lived experiences.

Consult your organization to help meet your DEI goals

Evolve can help you get started with setting up your Pride ERG and create frameworks, plans and short & long term goals to help your Pride ERG thrive. We understand the community, their needs and help members be their authentic selves, enabling your organization to champion LGBTQ+ inclusivity and make a difference.

Empower your employees and their families

Evolve can help you champion your DEI goals and initiatives by meeting the needs of your ERGs in ways that truly add value to their professional journey

  • One of the highest rated wellness platforms globally
  • Made in India for the world
  • Created with, for and by the LGBTQ community


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Key outcomes for the organization

  • Better communication, harmony and empathy among your team
  • A psychologically safer, more authentic and empathetic environment
  • More informed, inclusive & equipped team

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