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What we offer

Learn to love

Our interactive workshops help you work on yourself, increase self-love & accept yourself

Form self-care

Personalize your self-care with affirmations, gratitude, journaling, motivation and much more

Create a meditation

Practice meditation with our joyful and bite-sized meditations designed to help you stay in the moment, reduce stress and feel happier

Our experts

Lilly Contino

Lilly is a LGBTQIA+ advocate, speaker, and educator. She is a leading voice in the trans community and is committed to helping normalize transgender people in society ✨

Dr. Ariel Wilson

Dr. Ariel is a therapist, relationship coach and social worker. She works closely with marginalized groups and lesbian woman to empower & help them navigate issues in their relationships ❤️

Anshul Kamath

Anshul is one of the founders of Evolve & has facilitated mindfulness workshops for 1000s of individuals around the world. He is extremely passionate about empowering people to improve their mental health 🧘

What our users say about us

“It’s an amazing app. I especially love the chirping birds sound upon opening the app which is relaxing”


“I think it’s a good application to start creating the habit of meditation and include motivational activities in the day”


“Love how this app is inclusive and how it really comprehensively helps your healing and growth, Much love and I wish you all well 💗🫶🌟✨🌈 “


“Evolve offers educational content for members of the LGBTQ+ community, covering topics like embracing your sexuality and coming out to loved ones”

“This start-up is focusing on the mental well-being of the LGBTQ+ community”

“Evolve: a mobile app with a focus on the mental well-being of the queer community”

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