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On this page, you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you are still unable to find the answer to what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch

General Queries

Can I use the app offline?
No, you need an active internet connection on your smartphone to use evolve. We are working on an offline feature for the next version.
How can I delete my account?
You are the owner of your data on Evolve! If you’d like to delete your account, you can go over to ‘account settings’ within the ‘settings’ section of the app. You’ll see an option to delete your account. Please note that this can not be reversed and is a permanent deletion.
Does evolve help with clinical depression?
If you have been experiencing anxiety for over 2 months or diagnosed with any anxiety disorder or clinical depression, Evolve is not the right app for you. Please email us at info@evolveinc.in and we will be happy to put you in touch with a therapist or someone who can help you.
What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?
Go to the login section on the app and click on forgot password. Enter your email ID and follow the instructions. You will then be able to create a new password for your account.
Where can I track my progress or see my activity?
This information is available in the “me” section of the app.
I’m facing an issue on the app, who can I contact?
Please reach out to us at info@evolveinc.in with any issue you face and we’ll get back to you.
Is this a substitute to therapy or coaching?
No technology can replace a good therapist or coach. However, we have worked with several coaches and therapists while designing Evolve and it’s content to make sure it has a positive impact on users. Evolve is always accessible and here for you whenever you need it.
How do I get the most value out of evolve?
Evolve is designed to help you at different moments in your day when you feel out of ‘balance’. This could be before a meeting to calm down, over a coffee break or at night when you can’t sleep. Anytime you feel out of balance, that’s when we’d recommend you open the app. And on weekends or in your free time, we have growth journeys that you can take and grow as a person!
How do I share this app with someone I know?
Go to the “me” section of the app, and click on the share icon on the top left corner of the screen.
What do I do if the app doesn’t function correctly on my phone?
Close the app and restart it. If the problem still isn’t resolved, reach out to us at info@evolveinc.in and we will try and resolve your issue.

Data & Privacy

Is my data or usage on Evolve shared with any third party?
We do not share any data you may enter on the app with any outsider. The only exception is if you choose to connect with an expert in our ‘grow’ section. Any data you enter in order to connect with them will be passed on to the expert as you’ve entered it.
Where is my data stored?
Evolve used a leading global cloud service provider headquartered in USA with data centers across the world. We use data centers in India and secure our servers using cloud security.
Is the data I enter in journey’s being tracked or shared with anyone?
All your personal data including passwords and any information you enter while taking a journey is encrypted on our servers. We do not use this data at a personal level for any purpose or share it with any 3rd party. However, we may use this data to understand user behaviour on the app.
Is my location tracked?
We do not track your location in any way or ask for permission to do so. You can also make sure by going into your phone settings and denying any permission for location tracking.
What is my data used for?
Evolve does not use any of your data for any analysis or analytics at a personal or identifiable level. We use data at an aggregate level across all users to understand what features and content work best in order to improve our future products and experience.

Premium (evolve+)

I have resubscribed on the playstore but unable to see my subscription on the app?
On the settings page in the app, please click on restore purchase.
What extra content do I get access to with evolve+?
You can get access to all our audios and journeys with evolve+ .
Is there a free trial for new evolve+ users?
Yes, a free trial of 14 days. After 14 days, your account will be credited immediately.