Genderfluid Flag

Genderfluid Flag – a flag that has likely been flown at several pride celebrations all throughout the world, from Stockholm to New York City…and everywhere in between!

genderfluid flag

JJ Poole(they/them), a transgender pansexual from New York state who fights for those who don’t fit into heteronormative culture, created the Genderfluid Pride Flag in 2012. The genderfluid flag includes five horizontal stripes and five colours since it was created to represent all gender identities.

The colours are:

  • Pink
  • White
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Blue

Meaning behind the colours: 

  • Pink is a symbol of femininity or being female.
  • White symbolises a lack of gender.
  • Purple is a symbol for varying degrees of androgyny, masculinity, and femininity.
  • All additional genders, third genders, and pansexuality are represented by the colour black.
  • Blue is a symbol of masculinity and feeling like a man.

What does the term “genderfluid” mean?

A person whose gender identification changes over time is said to be genderfluid, or just fluid. A person who is genderfluid can identify as any gender, or a mix of genders, at any time.

Their gender may fluctuate in reaction to various situations or may change at random. They occasionally self-identify as male, female, both, or neither.

At different times, they may use different pronouns. The term “genderfluid” can be used to describe someone or as a specific identity in and of itself.

Although they fall within the non-binary and transgender categories, not all people who identify as genderfluid do. Some transgender people make social, physical, or legal transitions.

Another thing to keep in mind is the distinction between gender expression and gender identity. This means that the way you like to show yourself may not always be a reflection of how you feel on the inside.

Gender-fluid people have the option of expressing their gender identification as it now exists or refraining from doing so through their appearance and conduct. The final word? The gender of a person cannot actually be inferred from their appearance!

Genderfluid Wave Flag

The wave flag is another well-liked genderfluid flag that’s gaining support in the neighbourhood. The flag is made up of four colours: pink, white, purple, and blue, and it was designed by LGBTA wiki member “FruitIndividual” instead of using straight stripes.

The fluidity and shift that persons who identify as genderfluid experience is thought to be represented by the waves.

Another flag with a similar design has three more colors—light pink, light purple, and light blue—arranged in waves.

Other Genderfluid Flags & Symbols

One’s sexual orientation and gender identity are two separate aspects of who they are. When we say something is independent, we mean it doesn’t affect the other. As a result, you have the option to identify as genderqueer, bisexual, lesbian, gay, straight, etc.

Examples of gender-neutral flags that also signify different sexual orientations are provided below:

The Bi Genderfluid Flag

Bisexual and genderfluid people are represented by the bi genderfluid flag. For those who are unaware, bisexuality is the attraction to individuals who are both of the same sex, gender, or gender identity.

The pink stripe on top, the royal blue stripe on the bottom, and a thinner purple stripe in the middle, where the colours pink and blue intersect, make up the bisexual flag, which was designed by Michael Page in 1998.

The colours pink and royal blue stand for interest to the same sex, purple for attraction to both sexes, and purple for a combination of both sexes.

A Twitter user created a version of the bisexual genderfluid flag that incorporates aspects of the bisexual flag with JJ Poole’s genderfluid flag. The outcome is a flag with stripes in seven different colours: pink, light pink, white, lavender, violet, royal blue, and purple.

Genderfluid Lesbian Flag

The genderfluid lesbian flag signifies those who identify as lesbians as well as being genderfluid. This indicates that, despite the fact that their gender identity may change, they are only attracted to women.

A popular variation of the genderfluid lesbian flag is a seven-color banner that combines the hues of Poole’s genderfluid flag and the most recent lesbian pride flag, which was unveiled in 2018.

For the genderfluid community, the genderfluid flag serves as a source of pride and identity. Regardless of their unique experiences or modes of gender presentation, it represents all genderfluid persons.

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