Polyamorous Flag & Poly Pride Flag Meaning

Most of us are aware of the typical rainbow flag to symbolise gay pride, there are many more LGBTQ+ pride flags just like the polyamorous flags, that we are unaware of used to represent different sexualities and relationship dynamics.

What do polyamory and polyamorous flags mean?

With each other’s consent, a polyamorous individual wishes or engages in several romantic (and frequently sexual) relationships.

The Greek word “poly,” which means “many,” and the Latin word “amor,” which means “love,” are the roots of the word “polyamory.” It translates to “many loves,” or having numerous romantic relationships simultaneously.

The original polyamorous flag was created in 1995 by Jim Evans.

The polyamorous flag has undergone multiple modifications since many members of the community felt that the original version was unfavourable, much like other LGBTQ+ flags.

The polyamorous flag has blue, black and red stripes, with the greek symbol “pi” Or “ℿ” on the middle bar in gold.

Polyamorous flag

Meaning of the polyamorous flag

  • Blue: represents openness, honesty, and communication between all partners—three essential elements of ENM.
  • Red: is the colour of devotion and love.
  • Black: symbolises support for polyamorous people who feel compelled to keep their relationships a secret from the public owing to social pressures and shame.
  • gold in the pi symbol: symbolises the priority put on the emotional connection rather than merely physical attraction.
  • The Greek letter pi: is used as the sign for polyamory, which likewise begins with the letter “p.”

The pi symbol may be removed and replaced with an infinite heart symbol in some variants of the polyamorous flag. 

The infinite heart sign has appeared in several versions of the polyamorous flag, but this one is still widely accepted.

Variant Of Polyamorous Flag

A recent variation of the polyamorous flag was designed in 2020 by Molly Colleen Bennett Wilvich. The representation and meaning of the colours it is as follows:

Lime green: which stands for benevolence and progress

Kelly green: which stands for peace and balance

Sky blue:  is a symbol of exhilaration, freedom, and self-expression.

Royal blue: is a symbol of loyalty, honesty, trust, and inner stability.

A white infinity heart is present in the centre of the flag.

Polyamorous flag

The goal of polyamory is to share love, so whenever you see a flag with this representation remember it’s all about love and affection.

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