5 Things To Remember Next Time You’re Angry

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When you’re feeling angry, wouldn’t it be great if you could attain balance and feel better again? Or would it be nicer to react, express your anger and move on? 

However you feel about it, know that anger is one of the most powerful emotions you feel. It’s a sign that something has triggered you, your emotions have boiled over and that is why you feel rage and anger. It means something within or around you needs to change in order for you to feel better.

At such a time, it’s important to manage your anger and things to keep in mind when angry to help manage it. Hence, to feel better when angry here are 5 things to keep in mind!

5 things to keep in mind when angry

It’s okay to feel angry. This is important and often forgotten about anger. When you’re angry, there’s always a reason. You felt hurt, annoyed or betrayed and hence your anger. Your anger is a way to release your frustration, stress or whatever else is bothering you. It’s highly important to feel it as long as you channel it properly and positively, without harming anyone including yourself.

Remember. it's okay to be angry.

It’s temporary. Remember that how you’re feeling right now is momentary and will pass. You’re angry right now and feeling negative, but it’s temporary. When angry, testosterone is released into your body, which increases rage. However, after a few moments, it goes down as well. If you can think about that when angry, you will be able to manage your reaction and respond to it wisely, rather than blindly. 

Walking away is an option. When you’re angry, you don’t have to engage in a conflict or confrontation. You can walk away and give yourself a chance to cool off. If you engage and allow your anger to guide you, it could have ramifications and you might end up saying regrettable things. Instead, walk away from the situation and give yourself a chance to balance your mind and body.

Breathing helps. You can focus on your breath for instant relief. A couple of deep breaths followed by 4 cycles of box breathing can help reduce anger. It brings balance to your breathing rate, calms you down and helps you take your mind off the anger. Focus on your breathing for just one minute when angry, and you will be okay.

Don’t make it worse. If you’re angry right now, you’ve reached your limit. Your mind and body are already at an extreme, don’t make it worse. Express your anger positively, don’t lash out and try to manage your anger. If you are able to manage your anger without making the situation worse, consider it a job well done. Once you’ve managed to remember that, find ways to ease your anger and feel better.

Think about a loved one and breathe when angry, it'll keep getting better,

By keeping these things in mind when angry, you’re giving yourself a chance to manage your anger better and ensuring the situation doesn’t get out of control or worsen. Your anger can be controlled if you see the warning signs, and anger management techniques or guided meditation can help as well. What matters is how you react in that moment of anger, and if you’re able to keep it together, that’s half the battle won.

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