How Guided Meditation Helps Manage Anger

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Anger is a difficult emotion and one that may be difficult to control and manage. However, with guided meditation, you can start being more in control of your anger rather than your anger controlling you.

When you’re feeling angry, your first instinct is to try and vent out your anger and lash out. With guided meditation, you will learn to control it and react better. 

How guided meditation helps anger

It provides a neutral guiding voice. When you are angry, your inner voice is boiling with anger. Therefore hearing a neutral party helps. When guided, you are directed to focus your attention and thoughts on what’s bothering you and understand it, without judgment or bias. This neutrality allows you to truly accept your feelings and help you overcome it.

Breathing techniques help you reduce anger.

It helps focus on your breath. Guided meditation helps you focus on your breathing, which is a barometer for your feelings. If you’re breathing too heavily you may be stressed or angry. By allowing a guided voice to bring your breathing back to a normal rhythm. As a result of focusing on your breath, you bring your heart rate back to normal and calm yourself, reducing your anger.

It allows you to observe without judgment. When angry, you should try to think about your anger, not react to it. By practicing guided meditation, you are cultivating mindfulness within yourself. Guided meditation allows you to understand and observe your anger rather than suppressing or expressing it.

This helps you stay in the moment, control the passage of your thoughts and helps you become less reactive. This results in you learning to control your anger and overcoming the reasons that make you angry.

Guided meditation helps you relax.

It helps you relax. Meditation helps you relax and hence is effective in reducing anger. Your mind feels overwhelmed and negative, and it’s difficult to let go without help. Hence, guided meditation helps you let go, relax your mind and body. With a clear and relaxed mind, you can rationally look at the problem and take steps to overcome it. 

Guided meditation improves your mood, reducing anger.

It helps improve your mood. When you practice meditation, the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) in your body reduces and serotonin (a feel good hormone) production increases. When you focus on your thoughts and are guided through the steps without pressure, you feel positive, happy and your mood is boosted. As a result of guided meditation, you can manage anger.

Whenever you feel angry, take a step back and don’t react. Breathe for a while and focus on it to calm yourself down and then meditate if you feel up to it. Always release your feelings and channel the anger appropriately and without hurting yourself or others.

Get started with guided meditation and to practice it at home without any worry. 

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