How To Deal With Frustration In 4 Simple Ways

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Frustration is one of the most common negative emotions. Frustration is a feeling you experience when upset or annoyed due to a situation outside of your control! You may experience it everyday through basic small triggers and big triggers at work, while commuting or at home! So, how to deal with frustration? Here are some simple tips that can help you everyday!

How to deal with frustration in 4 simple ways

  1. Take a walk to cool down
  2. Take a while to meditate
  3. Distract yourself
  4. Vent your feelings 

Take a walk to cool down

A simple way to deal with frustration is to take a walk. You may feel like lashing out or be extremely annoyed, but doing this will help you balance and calm down. By taking a long walk and removing yourself from the frustrating situation, you will feel better. Notice what is around you, breathe deeply while you walk and after some time you will feel better.

Take a while to meditate

Meditation can help you calm down, reduce frustration and anger, and help you feel better. Take 5 minutes when you’re at your desk to focus on your breathing or practice some mindfulness to settle your thoughts. This will allow you to deal with frustration in a few minutes. 

Distract yourself to deal with frustration

Watch a funny YouTube video, call a friend or eat some tasty food. Distracting yourself from the person who is frustrating you or the situation will help improve your mood. Moreover, it will give your mind a break from all the negative thoughts that come with frustration. It’s a simple way on how to deal with frustration that can bring you quick relief.

Vent your feelings

You can talk to a loved one and vent your feelings or journal your thoughts. This will help you release all the negative energy and tension within you and help you feel better. Keeping it in makes your frustration worse and it helps greatly when you express yourself. You might even gain some perspective when you talk to someone or see the cause of your frustration written in words. You will be able to identify and understand why you’re feeling these negative emotions as well. Hence, it’s a simple and effective way to deal with frustration. 

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When frustrated or angry, it’s important to watch out for the warning signs and deal with it in a healthy and productive way. Rather than reacting mindlessly, learn to respond mindfully and stay in control of your emotions and feelings.

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