5 Easy Ways To Reduce Work Anxiety

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It’s very important to be able to manage anxiety at work. When anxious, you can’t just stop being anxious. It has never been that simple. Work anxiety will throw you off balance and cause a lot of workplace stress. From uncomfortable interactions, office politics or any other issue that causes anxious thoughts, you should know how to reduce anxiety at work.

We’ve outlined 5 simple ways you can reduce work anxiety

Get away from a screen. Your computer or phone can often increase anxiety. In case it’s work related, looking at your computer which is full of work will just stress you out even more. Instead, move away from your screens and disconnect for a bit with a small break.

Take a short walk. A good way to manage work anxiety is to take a walk. When things get overwhelming, leave everything and take a walk. Spending some time with yourself will help you release tension and feel better. The walk and exercise will release endorphins to make you feel good and it’s a great outlet for any anxiety you have.

A soothing beverage may help you manage work anxiety.

Grab a chai. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or anxious at work, drink a comforting beverage. A cup of tea, a glass of water or even some hot chocolate can help you feel better. Chai is familiar, refreshing and it gives your mind something else to focus on, easing your work anxiety. It’s also a great opportunity to try mindful chai! Remember, don’t drink coffee as it may heighten your symptoms.

Communicate. Anxiety is an extremely personal thing and feeling anxious is not easy. If possible, tell someone at work you are not feeling well and need a small break or some respite. By putting yourself out there, you will be able to garner comfort and support. You can then take a walk with that person, take a break and take your mind off what’s bothering you. 

Communication is key in reducing work anxiety.

Meditate at your desk. Taking some time away from your thoughts is a great way to reduce work anxiety. Sit at your desk and take some time to focus on your breathing and think of positive affirmations to yourself. You can even meditate using the anxiety audios on Evolve.

Having anxious thoughts at work is very common. Be it a tight deadline, communication issues or work from home making life difficult, there’s always something. If you’re able to get your head down and work towards reducing anxiety and stress, you will feel better. These are simple and effective ways for you to feel better and stay balanced.

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