How Guided Meditation Helps Overcome Anxiety

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When you’re anxious, a lot of thoughts enter your mind, and you end up feeling restless, nervous and troubled. In order to overcome and reduce these negative and anxious thoughts, guided meditation for anxiety specifically helps.

Guided meditation brings back your balance and reduces anxiety

Guided Meditation is all about paying attention to your thoughts effectively with guidance by an expert. It has many benefits, including being an effective way of controlling and reducing your anxiety.

Guided meditation to reduce anxiety is freeing and takes the pressure off.

Guided meditation takes the pressure off.

When you are meditating and trying to relax, it can sometimes get difficult to focus. With guided meditation, it gets easier to pay attention to the instructor by just listening or seeing, rather than having to do it yourself. This helps you follow better, declutter your mind and reduce anxiety.

Guided meditation helps practice mindfulness. Mindfulness refers to the ability to focus your attention in the present moment. When you’re anxious, you’ll notice your mind is often racing with thoughts. You may even find yourself overthinking. This helps you stay present in the moment. By completely immersing yourself in the moment , it allows your mind to ‘quieten down’ and reduce anxiety.  

Guided meditation allows you to calm down and clear your mind.

Guided meditation helps you clear your mind. With this practice, you can calm and clear the mind. You allow yourself to take break from your thoughts and gather yourself. As a result, you’re mentally stable and balanced. Moreover, with a clearer mind, you’re able to think better and find solutions rather than getting bogged down by anxiety.

Guided meditation helps control your emotions.

When anxiety is unchecked, your emotions can spiral out of control. This can lead to weeks of feeling low and potential depression. It helps keep the anxiety and related stress from spiraling out of control and bringing you back to balance. Evolve’s guided audios allow you to improve your reaction to anxiety and find solutions to overcome anxiety.

Visualisation is a great way of overcoming anxious thoughts

Guided meditation is relaxing. Guided meditations often have powerful visualisations. They allow you to completely relax and not only visualise calming imagery but also immerse yourself in the visualisation. For example, if you’re anxious right now, picture yourself at a beautiful white sand beach. Feel your feet digging into the sand and smell the crisp air filled with salt. Hear the waves crash against the sand and feel a sense of relaxation. Visualisations like this calm your mind and give your thoughts some rest, and help beat anxiety instantly. 

Guided meditation helps reduce tension. When practicing guided meditation and mindfulness for anxiety, a key benefit is relaxing your mind. When you meditate, you tend to loosen up your body and mind, feel relaxed and comfortable and find peace. This leads to a positive effect on your brain and makes you start to feel better and balanced instantly. If you can stay positive when your mind is overrun with thoughts, you automatically become calmer, have clarity of thought and can control and relieve anxiety. 

Guided meditation for anxiety is effective in helping you deal with and overcome anxiety. While there are countless ways to feel better when anxious, this is simple and relaxing, Remember, you’re not alone and can do whatever makes you feel comfortable and safe.

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