How To Increase Oyxtocin In Your Body

Oxytocin is also known as the cuddle hormone as it is activated and secreted when you do something you love. It plays a key role to reduce anxiety, improves social relations and feelings of attachment and love. More the oxytocin in your body, the more pleasure and happiness you feel. It is one of the 4 feel-good chemicals secreted by the body which boost your mood, along with serotonin, endorphins and dopamine! Oxytocin gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when you’re doing something you love, thereby making you feel better. 

When you’re feeling low, oxytocin helps you feel better and increases feelings of love and joy. It’s essential to increase the amount of oxytocin in your body everyday!

How to increase oxytocin in your body?

Oxytocin and everyday activities

You can boost oxytocin levels with simple things such as practicing gratitude, playing with a dog or baby and talking to a loved one! Other activities include watering a plant, eating comfort food and spending time with family. All these things increase feelings of attachment, love, social belonging and reduce negativity and uncertainty. As a result, a boost in oxytocin levels helps reduce anxiety! In fact, oxytocin also triggers feelings of nurturing and a sense of belonging. This helps you feel-good and stay happy, making you healthier too!

Oxytocin is good for you because it helps your system with digestion, stress and anxiety. In fact, it even helps you feel calm and balanced during the day. That sense of euphoria after doing something which drives you on, is all thanks to oxytocin! Oxytocin helps you feel pleasure and joy, all of which helps reduce anxiety and stress significantly. It’s why our audios ‘send a gift of gratitude‘ and ‘show yourself some love‘ are simple ways to reduce anxiety and feel positive in a matter of minutes. They boost your mood, make you feel good and give you a quick fix of oxytocin.

Oxytocin and food

Another simple way to increase oxytocin in your body is the food you eat! When you eat comfort food, you get pleasure and happiness from it. That’s where oxytocin is important. The joy you get from food can increase oxytocin in your body and reduce anxiety. In fact, some of the oxytocin rich foods do help reduce anxiety as well. By incorporating small amounts of avocado, almonds, cashews, spinach and figs into your diet, you can boost your oxytocin levels with ease!

Oxytocin is a key hormone secreted by the body and it’s always good to have plenty of it. The same applies for the other 3 feel-good chemicals – serotonin, endorphins and dopamine!

These are simple ways to increase your oxytocin levels and feel good everyday! Try our audios – ‘send a gift of gratitude‘ and ‘show yourself some love‘ and boost your oxytocin levels today!

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