10 Things to be Grateful For During Coronavirus


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The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives as we know it. A new working and living environment, social distancing and a lot of ambiguity about when things will get back to normal. At such a time, feeling uncertain, sad, anxious or negative is common and understandable.What’s important is to try and be positive during lockdown and quarantine. A simple way to do so is to be grateful for certain things and express gratitude. 

When things are bleak and negative, it’s good to have hope and happiness. It’s even better if you can get it from within yourself and that is why expressing gratitude is important.

Here are 10 simple things you can be grateful for and express gratitude during coronavirus lockdown:

Front line workers. Be grateful for their efforts and their service. Doctors, ambulance operators, police, delivery persons, vegetable vendors, etc. They are working for you and meeting your needs. Express your gratitude to them whenever you get a chance or avail their services.

Spending more time with family during Coronavirus is a thing to express gratitude for.

More family time. Being at home means you’re now able to spend more time with family, something you didn’t get before. It’s a good thing and a nice way to look at things.

More me time. Because of the lockdown, you may now get more time to yourself. You can engage in a hobby, learn a new skill, take some time to do things you enjoy. As a result of spending with yourself, you feel more fulfilled and connected.

A chance to eat healthy. You’re not going out and you’re eating home food. It’s the perfect time to try and eat healthier food than usual. It’s a good way to detox and give your system the boost it needs.

More time to exercise. Another reason to express gratitude during coronavirus is the chance to exercise more. You’re working from home or not working because offices are shut. If you’re a student, your college is shut too. This means more time at hand to exercise and get fitter. Exercise will also help boost your mood and can help you stay balanced.

A chance to exercise more during coronavirus is worth expressing gratitude for.

A chance to read more books or catch up on TV. Let’s be honest, there’s always too many books or several TV shows you want to watch, but can’t because of time. All that changes now. Be grateful for the time you’re stuck at home and see it in a positive way. Read more books, watch more TV and you might end up enjoying your time at home.

No commute for work. Probably one of the best perks during such a sad situation. With work from home becoming a fixture of the coronavirus lockdown, lack of commute is a blessing. Express your silent gratitude at having to wake up just an hour before work rather than the two hours you usually might have before. Also, when you’re done with work at 7 pm, you’re also home at 7 pm. As a result, you get more time to do things you wouldn’t have originally.

Stay in home clothes all day. No need to wear jeans or formal clothes everyday, even if you’re working. You can wear comfortable clothes all day long and there’s no problems with it whatsoever. It’s definitely something to be grateful for during the coronavirus lockdown.

The internet. How boring would lockdown be if you didn’t have access to the internet? No social media, no YouTube, no way to watch movies or TV online. It would not only be boring, but might also increase stress. Be grateful for a stable internet connection during these times, we know it helps!

Being safe and sound. The pandemic has been bad and impacted everyone around the world. With so many cases and deaths, it’s worth expressing gratitude for being safe and sound. If you’re home and not needing to go out to work, you’re safer. Be grateful for that privilege during this time.

Coronavirus is here to stay and whenever you get a chance to express gratitude, do it. It helps boost your mood, helps you stay positive and feel balanced again. In case you want to try gratitude meditation, give a listen to our audio on sending the gift of gratitude.

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