6 Ways to Be Mindful during Coronavirus

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The coronavirus outbreak has been hard on everyone. No matter your gender, age or location, you have been affected by its impact. Lockdowns, curtailed movements and new environments to get used to can be troubling and cause anxiety and stress.  

When trying to overcome anxiety and stress because of coronavirus, practicing mindfulness is a great way to give yourself a break. Incorporating ways to be mindful within your day can be very useful. It can help you take a moment away from your thoughts, immerse yourself in the present activity and incorporate it into your everyday life! As a result, you’ll reduce stress and anxiety, and feel happier during these tough times.

Here are ways 6 ways to be mindful during coronavirus

Mindful cleaning is a simple way to practice mindfulness when at home.

Mindful cleaning. You’re stuck at home during the lockdown, be it alone or with family. This means everyone is now pitching in for the household chores, from cutting vegetables and drying clothes to keeping the house clean. Cleaning the house is the perfect time to practice some mindfulness! Whenever you’re cleaning a surface, be it a window or table, take some time to feel the way you’re cleaning. Immerse yourself in the activity and engage your senses. Notice the subtle sounds as you clean, observe the difference after you’ve cleaned it and stay in the moment. As a result, it’ll be productive and a household chore will feel refreshing for your body and mind! Try our audio on mindful cleaning today!

Mindful chai is a great way to be mindful during coronavirus!

Mindful chai.

Drink chai and practice mindfulness at the same time. It’s simple too! Make a routine activity like your cup of tea a way to be mindful. All you need is your cup of chai, some quiet time and you can have the full experience. Feel the cup, notice the temperature, smell the aroma and enjoy the taste of your chai. Observe all of these as you engage with it and be grateful for whoever was involved in bringing this chai for you! It’s easy to practice, has many benefits, makes for a light break and allows you to start your day with mindfulness and balance. Listen to our mindful chai audio today!

Mindful bathing. A bath is a great way to start the day, feel refreshed and sometimes, a good way of destressing after a long day! It’s common to have a lot of thoughts while you bathe. You think about the day ahead or the day that has gone by, and it’s one of the few times you’re truly alone and processing all your thoughts. Thus, it’s the best time to practice mindfulness. You can be mindful when you bathe by simply allowing yourself to take a few deep breaths, and allowing your thoughts to come and go while simply observing them. Feel the water hit your body and notice how your body responds to it! It can help you ease tension, process your thoughts and give you a moment of freedom when you bathe! What’s better, mindful bathing will lead to shorter baths which can potentially save water as well!

Mindful breaks at work. With coronavirus, you’re probably working from home and that means your work life balance is all over the place. It’s a new environment for you, focus is off and there’s too much going on! Taking regular breaks are a great way to regain your focus and reduce tension. You can practice simple stretches after a meeting or call to ease tension, or even practice a mindful walk! Furthermore, you can practice simple breathing exercises to balance yourself during the day, whenever you feel like it’s getting too much! These breaks and mindfulness exercises will help you recharge and take a moment to find some calm in all the chaos! Check out our mindful walking and work from home checklist and ensure to incorporate mindfulness into your life.

Mindful eating is a great way to take a break during work and relax.

Mindful eating.

Your meals are important, especially during the lockdown. You’re working, be it professional or working for your home. It can get tiring for your mind and body. Thus, meals are a good way to re-energise and find balance. Mindful eating is a great way to spend time with your food and cultivate mindfulness as a habit. When you sit to eat, get rid of all distractions and truly focus all your energy and attention on your food. Enjoy it, relish it, spend time with it and use it as an opportunity to to take a break from your thoughts. Listen to our audio to practice mindful eating!

Mindful music. Music is a powerful way of reducing stress and anxiety. It allows you to let go for a while and feel refreshed! Take some time out to listen to soothing music and observe your thoughts while doing so. You can listen to songs you enjoy or even calming music such as birds chirping or the sound of waves which help you feel good. Engage yourself in the music and it’ll help you relax, stay balanced and allow you to destress while reducing any anxiety due to coronavirus. 

These are testing times for everyone and practicing mindfulness through the day will help you feel better and more balanced. You don’t have to limit yourself to these activities, you can be mindful in whatever way you are comfortable and feel relaxed! The idea is to give you a break from your hectic day and take some time out for yourself!

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