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Mindfulness at home is a great option! If you’re a beginner or regular, this is a great way to add emotional well-being into your day! With lockdown and work from home becoming the norm, meditating and practicing mindfulness at home is definitely worth considering

Understanding the options to practice mindfulness at home:

So first off, meditation and mindfulness can be done anytime, anywhere. You can practice meditation at home and should definitely start doing it, if you haven’t already. It has many benefits, the biggest being that mindfulness practice allows to stay in the present moment and truly enjoy it. This is something you don’t get a chance to do in your busy and hectic life anyway.

How to practice mindfulness at home:

  1. Meditation app
  2. Do it yourself
  3. Through everyday activities
  4. Breathing exercises

Meditation apps. These are a great way to practice mindfulness meditation without any worries. An application in your phone which provides you with a variety of guided meditations and audios is peak 21st century convenience. This gives you a chance to meditate when convenient and use it for a variety of purposes. The Evolve app is a mindfulness and meditation app which makes meditation easy and joyful. It includes meditation and sleep guided audios to help you release stress and anxiety, while sharpening your focus. It’s contextual to your day and all you need is 5 minutes!

Do it yourself. Meditation and mindfulness is known to be an intense and heavy exercise. However that is a myth. Meditation and mindfulness can be light and refreshing, all you need to is relax. You can practice this at your desk, at home, in a car or wherever you are. All you need to do is attempt to stay in the present moment and not react to thoughts as they enter your mind. You can practice mindfulness at home by just finding a comfortable place in your house and that’s it! Spend time with yourself and your thoughts. You can read up on the step by step process here.

Through everyday activities. Who said mindfulness requires you to sit in a lotus position with your eyes closed? You can meditate and be mindful of your thoughts and surroundings through everyday activities as well. Gather your thoughts before a virtual meeting, or even practice a mindful walk or meal. The goal of mindfulness practice is to incorporate it into your everyday routine and live a mindful life. Here’s a couple more ways you can practice mindfulness at home during the pandemic, or otherwise!

Breathing exercises. Last but not least, your own breathing. A unique but easy way to practice mindfulness is via breathing exercises. There are various ways you can manipulate your breathing in order to reduce stress, balance yourself and relax. Popular breathing techniques include box breathing, 4-7-8 breathing and belly breathing, all which you can do from the comfort of your own home! Hence, if you’re looking to get started with practicing mindfulness at home, this might be the best option!

All you need to do is find a comfortable spot and sit down. Start to breathe normally and pay attention to your breath. As you do so, thoughts may enter your mind and distract you. That is perfectly normal. Without reacting or judging your thoughts, acknowledge it and let it go. Slowly bring your attention back to your breathing and notice how your body responds to each inhale and exhale. That’s a mindfulness practice with your breathing, done!

Mindfulness practice and habit

The practice of mindfulness or meditation at home is a great option for you. Definitely consider it going forward, because it is easy, there’s a lot of options available and meditation has a lot of benefits! As a result of coronavirus, students & working millennials have a lot of stress, meditation can be good for you!

At Evolve, we’re all about making mental well-being and personal growth light and joyful. Our lives are anyway so hectic that achieving happiness and personal growth should NOT be another intense process! Download our app now and experience it for yourself. The app is free and available globally on Android and iOS.

Evolve a variety of light & joyful guided audios which help you manage stress, anxiety, focus and help you sleep better. Our mindfulness content helps you stay balanced through the day.

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