Mindful Chai: How To Practice It?

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“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.” — Bernard Paul Heroux

Practicing mindfulness allows us to live a happier and healthier life. Mindfulness allows us to stay in the present moment and observe our thoughts without judgment. 

There are various meditation techniques to cultivate mindfulness which are good for you and have many benefits. Thus, it’s a great way to connect with yourself.

However, there is one mindfulness technique that is unique and interesting, but easy all the same. Mindful chai! It’s a great way to bring your attention to the present and all you need is your cup of chai.

How to practice mindful chai?

  1. Sit. Sit down wherever you’re comfortable with your cup of chai in front of you. It can be anywhere, be it your house, your office space or even at a cafe!
  2. Touch. Start by touching the cup and observing the temperature. Notice how your hands feel when you touch it. How does it feel on your palm as you hold the cup? Can you sense the heat on your fingertips? Observing these feelings as you touch is the first step.
  3. Breathe. Slowly, smell the chai. Take a deep breath, and when you inhale, notice any sensations in your nose and mouth. 
  4. Drink. After you’re done with a couple of deep breaths, take the first sip of your chai. Pay attention to what’s happening in your mouth. How do your lips feel when you touch the cup? How is your tongue responding to the taste and the temperature? Understand the temperature and if it’s to your liking. Whatever it is, stay in the moment with your chai.
  5. Observe. Before taking your second sip, look at the chai and observe the colour. Notice the colour and name it in your head. Take your next sip, and now also observe the sensations in your throat as swallow. Trace the journey of your chai  from your lips to mouth to throat, all the way down to your stomach. 
  6. Gratitude. Now, enjoy drinking the chai at your own pace. As you drink it, take a few moments for reflection. Think about where these tea leaves were grown and where they came from. Then, think about the soil, water and sunlight that allowed these tea leaves to bloom. Think about everyone who worked hard to ensure this chai reaches you. Finally, think about the person who made this cup of chai for you. Give them a big hug for allowing you to enjoy this beautiful cup of tea. If you made the chai, that’s great, give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. Finally, take a moment to say thank you to each person who was involved in getting this chai to you. 

Mindful chai is a simple way of practicing mindfulness.

Mindful chai is a simple way of finding balance and happiness while you do something so routine as drinking tea. It’s an often overlooked part of your day, but by taking out 5 minutes, you can connect with yourself while you drink you chai. 

Mindful chai can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, similar to mindful eating and mindful walking, which are also easy to practice and good for you, with many benefits.

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