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Mindful eating is the practice of staying in the moment while you eat, engaging all your senses, and focusing all your attention on the food and how your body reacts and responds to every bite. It’s a great way to cultivate mindfulness into your daily routine. it is easy to practice and has many benefits.

mindful eating is a great way to practice mindfulness

This is a simple checklist for you to ascertain how mindful you are when it comes to your eating habits. 

Read all the questions and give yourself a score for each question from 1-5. Here’s the scale below to help you answer.

1. Almost Never 2. Rarely 3. Sometimes 4. Often 5. Almost Always

Try and be honest with yourself. At the end, calculate your total score. This will help you understand how well you are practicing mindfulness when eating meals and if you need to improve or just keep going!

Mark yourself from 1-5 for each of these questions and you can then understand your habits.  

Table of Contents

Mindful eating checklist

Statement Your Score
I eat food when I am hungry, rather than bored
I avoid using my phone and other gadgets during meals
I chew every bite at least 5 times while eating
I am grateful for the food on my plate
I stop to smell the aromas of my food when I eat 
I actively identify the tastes in my mouth
I am able to remember exactly what I eat
I am careful not to overeat

So, are you practicing mindful eating or not? Let’s find out!

If your score was between 30-40, well done! You have been eating mindfully, keep going!

If your score was between 20-30, you’ve done good! You are taking a few steps towards mindful eating, but there is some room for improvement!

If your score was below 20, that’s okay! Now is the time to get started with mindful eating! It’s beneficial for you and you’ll enjoy spending some mindful time with yourself while you eat!

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