Mindful Walking- A Can-Do Checklist For You

Mindful walking is the art of practicing mindfulness while you walk. Mindfulness has taken the top place of habits to be practiced for mental wellness. The goal is to be present in what ever activity that you perform. For now let us look at ‘walking.’

Most time of our waking hours we walk. While we walk we are engulfed in our thoughts of past and future. It is seldom about the present moment. Mindful walking is about seeing, observing the details of object around us.

Be aware of your strides. Immersing yourself in a walk as a way to refresh your mind and find clarity. A mindful walk is a great way to take 5 minutes out of your day to be mindful. This practice can be done anywhere, even in the comforts of your own home.

Mindful walking checklist to help you achieve mindfulness.

Table of Contents

Check if you are doing it right

This is a simple checklist for you to keep in mind and follow when you take a mindful walk.

Stay aware of your surroundings while you walk
Put away your electronic gadgets on “Silent” mode
Notice your feet and each step while you walk-mutter ‘Left…Right…’
Set a pace and follow it while you walk
Block out thoughts in your head.
Focus on your breathing.
Try and appreciate the little things around you while walking, such as the birds flying around, or flowers blooming, or a family photo if you’re walking at home
Engage your senses and notice the sounds and smell around you while you walk

Follow the above checklist, to enjoy some time connecting with yourself while you walk. It’s really easy and beneficial, and as a result, you can destress at the end of the day!

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