The Main Causes of Stress for Millennials

Stress is the response of the body when placed in a high pressure or demanding environment. For millennials, causes of stress are several. They impact you professionally and personally. In a fast paced environment, stress is everywhere and it can affect your sleeping habits. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons!

What are the causes of stress for millennials?

The main causes of stress for working millennials: 

Workplace stress. The working environment and workplace issues are one of the major causes of stress for millennials. Some of the many reasons include:

  • Crunched timelines and deadline stress, as unrealistic deadlines lead to long working hours and high pressure. 
  • When overloaded with work, you may be unable to cope and your work life balance also takes a hit.
  • Miscommunication between employees and departments can lead to unnecessary increase of work, stress and a drop in motivation.
  • An uncomfortable physical office environment leads to a lot of stress as the conditions are not suited to high performance.
  •  Your relationship with your manager is a major cause of stress. Lack of feedback on work performance can lead to self-doubt and insecurity.

If you feel uncomfortable and tense due to work or during your office hours, reflect and understand if you’re facing work stress. Take regular breaks and understand how you can overcome workplace stress.

Workplace stress is a major cause of stress for millennials.

Financial problems.

Financial stress is a key cause of stress and manifests itself in different ways. Some of the causes may include:

  • The pressure to live a lavish lifestyle. Your friends, peers and colleagues live in a certain way and it can create a lot of financial stress to try and live a similar lifestyle.
  • The stress after taking on extra debt, more credit cards and stretching yourself too thin to meet the numerous expenses in the current economic climate!
  • Rental expenses can create a lot of stress and also take up a huge chunk of salary, especially if you’re living away from home.

Furthermore, most millennials started their career right after the 2008 financial crisis and had it tough right from the very beginning. Hence, this has not helped the financial stress and concern in any way. As a result, you face stress about cost of living, income and even feel guilty spending money!

Relationship issues. This refers to not only romantic relationships but all kinds of relationships you have. Communication gaps, issues within the family, or even fights with friends and partners due to a lack of work life balance can lead to major stress. 

Relationship issues are a major cause of stress for millennials.

Being away from family. You may move to a different city or even country for work. That separation and long distance can be a cause of stress. You are unable to be with them in happiness or sadness, and being far away from loved ones is never easy. While reading this, if you feel stressed or worried about your family and friends, take a pause and give them a call. You will feel better after talking to them.

Job security. When there is uncertainty at work due to a recession or a pandemic (such as the Coronavirus) or you work in a job where job security is low, it can create stress and anxiety. With increased competition in the job market and more uncertain, it is only getting more difficult for millennials. Living in constant fear of losing your job and source of income is not pleasant and stressful. In order to gain reassurance, it’s a good idea to talk to those around you and your Human Resources department. 


Currently, you and us are living life with Coronavirus. With constant lockdown, movements curtailed and uncertainty about nearly everything, these are stressful times. Hence, you are unable to see a loved one, having to work from home, and being unable to go outside can be very stressful. There are uncertain times, but remember they are out of your control. Try and manage what is in your control to stay calm during these stressful times. 

Health issues. Given the fast paced, low rest lifestyle, more and more health issues are cropping up for millennials. Your sleeping habits, mental and physical health are all big points of concern. These need to be kept in check and managed properly, otherwise it can create health problems. Trying to manage this lifestyle and ensuring their health is okay is a major cause of stress for millennials.

Keep in mind, these are some of the causes of stress for millennials but they may be completely different for you. Even if none of these resonate with you, that’s okay. What matters is reflecting from this and understanding what is your cause of stress and knowing how to stay balanced and manage it.

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