4 Productivity Tips for Students & Working Millennials

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Productivity is something everyone strives for, everyday! Being more productive, getting more done and minimising distractions becomes key when you’re working or studying. Working from home due to Covid, brings extra stress and unnecessary distractions. Hence, knowing how to boost productivity is important. More deadlines, more stress and less downtime can be a problem, but with these productivity hacks, you’ll be able to manage your work in an efficient manner!

4 productivity tools & tips for students

  1. Hardest task first
  2. Don’t break the chain
  3. Flowtime technique
  4. Kanban method

Hardest task first

Quite a straightforward technique or hack to help you boost productivity! At the start of your day, assess what you need to do today. From all those tasks, there will be done you don’t enjoy, find difficult or unpleasant. Start your day by getting that task out of the way. By finishing that bit or studying a chapter you don’t enjoy, it sets you up well for the rest of the day. You look forward to nicer things and improving your focus. As a result, your productivity will increase as your hardest task for the day is done!

Don’t break the chain

This productivity technique involves setting everyday targets or goals for your work or studying. At the end of the day, if you meet your targets you can mark a X on the date on your calendar. As the days go by, you keep marking the calendar to monitor your progress. If you are unable to meet your targets or study as much as you decided, you end up not marking the date and breaking the chain. This will help you with procrastination, slight dips in productivity and helps you stay consistent! 

Flowtime technique

This technique is a great productivity tip and is somewhat similar to the Pomodoro technique. This particular technique involves breaking down a task into smaller, more actionable sizes and then completing them. In case you’re studying a large chapter, break it down into sections and finish them one after the other. Then you work on the smaller tasks without distractions for as long as you can focus. Once you saturate, take a break basis how much time you were working for previously. Start again and repeat until you’re done.

Get as much work done in short batches. This will boost productivity!

Kanban method

This method helps you organise your workflow, keep you aware of your tasks and gives you the extra push when needed. This is a simple productivity hack to follow and the steps are simple. Create a list of tasks you need to complete or are in the pipeline. If you’re studying, then the chapters or topics you need to cover. Divide them into 3 categories – the tasks you need to start, the tasks you’ve started and the tasks you’ve finished!

Basis this, you can focus on what you’ve started, keeping enough time for what you need to begin. Once done, you move the task into the finished category and keep a track of how much is left for the day, if you need to pick up the pace or keep going! This will help you focus better on work as you’re in control of your tasks, and keep you productive!

The Kanban method helps you organise work better and boost your productivity!

These simple productivity tips, along with others, can help you when you’re in a slump or have a lot of work to finish. Knowing how to respond to distractions and following a lifestyle and practices that help you improve focus and productivity, you can achieve more at work and when you’re studying. Take our checklists to assess your focus levels and figure out how you can ace working from home!

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