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Focus is integral to working. When in the middle of an activity, you require focus to complete it and do it right. When your focus is waving, and distractions set in, your productivity could decrease and work pressure may increase. But why are you unable to focus? Let’s take a look. Identifying these obstacles is critical to solving them.

Improve focus by responding well to distractions.

There are 2 main groups of reasons why you’re unable to focus – internal distractions and external distractions. Here, internal distractions refer to the distractions that occur within your mind and body, and external distractions are those around you.

Internal distractions causing a lack of focus

Distractions that are to do with yourself are internal distractions.

Internal distractions affect your ability for improved focus.

Thoughts and feelings

Your own thoughts and perceptions about things can cause distractions. When thoughts or anxieties about certain things arise in your mind, you may feel distracted and unable to focus. If you’re feeling low, sad or even extremely happy, you may be unable to stay in one place and stay focused.

Personal problems and daily life

Health issues, relationship issues, lack of sleep or dehydration are also common reasons that affect focus and in turn, increase work pressure and productivity. In order to stay focused, eating and sleeping well is a must. In case you’re unwell and not feeling good mentally, it’s okay to take a holiday to recharge and bring yourself back to balance.

If your mind is overrun with thoughts, settling your thoughts is a simple way to regain focus and alleviate work pressure. 

External distractions affecting your focus

External distractions are distractions around you out in the open. 

External distractions at work affect your focus.


Your cell phone is the biggest distraction and causes a lack of focus often. In a world that is so fast-paced and connected, phones are integral and checked all the time. When you check your phone while working, you distract yourself by looking at a tweet or a new Instagram post. Immersing yourself for a short while can affect your focus and reduce productivity. 


An untidy desk and workplace can cause a lack of focus. Tidying up your desk and ensuring only the essentials are present on it are simple ways to improve your focus and continue working.


Colleagues talking loudly around you can cause a dip in focus levels at work. Moreover, after a meeting or work call, you may be unable to immediately refocus on work due to the broken momentum. At such a time, it’s good to take a short break with a small walk to refresh yourself and release any tension or work pressure. Even asking people around you for a bit of space helps bring focus back. Now that you might be working from home due to Coronavirus, request your family to do the same. 

How To Overcome Distractions

Distractions are bound to occur in everyday life. In this fast-paced and highly digital world, everything wants to grab your attention. What matters is how you stay focused, respond to distractions and stick to your priorities during such times. When you’re at work, focus on your work. When at home, focus on whatever is going on at home. While you’re eating or walking, stay mindful and focus on the activity. Even when you’re watching television, immerse yourself in it and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Meditation for focus is a great way to improve focus and concentration levels. It’s simple and easy to follow. Meditation for focus alleviates any work pressure you may by helping you regain focus and balance to your mind and body. Try out Evolve’s audio on settling your thoughts today!

In order to assess your focus, take a look at our various checklists and understand what you can do better, if at all!

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