100+ Affirmations For Self Love

It might be hard to love yourself sometimes, but its is much harder not to love yourself. You have to choose yourself, my beautiful friend. You have to love who you are and stop putting yourself down because you have entire galaxies inside of you. You have ideas and experiences and dreams that no one else has. And You have to love all of you. This Article will help you Up your self love game with affirmations for self love.

Stop acting like you are not enough. You’re strong and beautiful and important. You are not nothing. You are capable of achieving everything you have dreamt of. You are worthy to be loved and to be taken care of. You are someone worth having around and whoever has you is a lucky one too.

Up your self love game with affirmations for self love.

You Are More Powerful Than You Realize

You can shape your experiences in this world, with the way you think, speak, and move. Wake up each morning with lots of love for yourself and an extreme amount of faith in your love. Believe that you are amazing, a winner, capable of achieving everything you put your mind to. Be confident in who you are, be confident in what you have to offer to the world. Have faith in your abilities and purpose. Do not be held back by fear, doubt or disappointment.

Affirmations for Self love

  1. I am deserving.
  2. I am certain.
  3. I am love.
  4. I am pleased with myself.
  5. I am good
  6. I am deserving of love.
  7. I am strong.
  8. I am capable.
  9. I’m content with myself.
  10. I don’t need anyone’s approval to feel good about myself.
  11. I am proud of who I am.
  12. I exude happiness and brightness.
  13. I don’t require anyone’s approval other than my own.
  14. The planet and I are both OK.
  15. I am competent.
  16. I’m not the only one.
  17. I already have everything I require to be content.
  18. My route is unique to me.
  19. The love that runs through me knows no bounds.
  20. I exude confidence and self-esteem.
  21. I will be successful.
  22. Love is welcome in my life.
  23. It’s okay for me to feel this way.
  24. More is possible for me.
  25. My ambitions will be realised.
  26. People that love me will come into my life.
  27. Other folks accept and love me.
  28. I have an abundance of abilities and capabilities.
  29. My imperfections do not define me.
  30. I’m entitled to fantasise.
  31. I spit out negativity.
  32. I’m letting go of bad energy.
  33. Negative thoughts will be abandoned.
  34. I refuse to be ashamed of who I am.
  35. I shall not be influenced by others.
  36. I am a loving person who is nice and honest.
  37. I value myself.
  38. I have accomplished a lot.
  39. I have the ability to make my own decisions.
  40. In the face of hardship, I am courageous.
  41. I bow to no one except my creator.
  42. I’m a tough cookie.
  43. I’m a brave person.
  44. I chose to be optimistic.
  45. I opt for love.
  46. I have a lovely soul.
  47. Positive energy is welcomed into my life.
  48. My requirements are just as significant as those of others.
  49. I can be heard.
  50. My suggestions are valuable.
  51. My suggestions are worth considering.
  52. My ambitions are attainable.
  53. I shall reach and exceed my loftiest ambitions.
  54. With my smile, I brighten the room.
  55. I am bright and lively.
  56. I love and accept myself.
  57. With me in it, the world is a better place.
  58. I am an important part of the community.
  59. I am an important team member.
  60. I don’t give a damn what other people think of me.
  61. I’m going to be heard.
  62. I’ll give it my all and accept whatever occurs.
  63. My thoughts are full with optimism.
  64. I am an artist.
  65. I’m motivated.
  66. My heart is healthy.
  67. Every day, I shall love myself more.
  68. I put myself first.
  69. I am a dedicated and conscientious worker.
  70. I’m going to quit trying to please everyone but myself.
  71. My life is full with happiness.
  72. I am complete.
  73. I’m already more than sufficient.
  74. Self-compassion is something I embrace into my life.
  75. Love is welcome in my life.
  76. I make the decision not to block doors to opportunity.
  77. I can do everything I set my mind to.
  78. I am capable.
  79. I am kind.
  80. I am significant.
  81. I have faith in my instincts.
  82. I’ve performed admirably. I’m doing OK. I am confident in my abilities.
  83. Love and happiness are not scarce commodities.
  84. I am stunning.
  85. I admire myself.
  86. I am, have been, and will always be sufficient.
  87. Everything will work out.
  88. Anything is possible for me.
  89. My life is great.
  90. My life continues to amaze me with its goodness.
  91. I am grateful for all that has been given to me.
  92. I already have everything I require to be content.
  93. I am fortunate.
  94. I build my own self-assurance.
  95. I make my own happiness.
  96. Whatever life has in store for me, I welcome it.
  97. I’m going to let myself feel.
  98. Please forgive me.
  99. I am proud of who I have become and who I was.
  100. My potential has no boundaries.
  101. I welcome the day.
  102. It is possible to achieve anything.
  103. I enjoy my peculiarities and idiosyncrasies.
  104. I revel in my peculiarity.
  105. I am one-of-a-kind.
  106. I have faith in myself.
  107. I view setbacks as chances to learn.
  108. I intend to do big things.
  109. Anything that no longer benefits me is released.
  110. I actively seek happiness in my life.
  111. I accept myself without reservation.
  112. My life is a blessing.
  113. I’m deserving of sympathy.
  114. I am surrounded by and radiate happiness.
  115. My future seems promising.
  116. I believe in the future of the planet, my relationships, and myself.
  117. I’m right where I should be.
  118. Others will not have influence over my feelings.
  119. It’s all up to me to achieve success.
  120. I’m at ease in my own flesh.
  121. I will have a constructive influence in the lives of others.
  122. I’m not going to waste any more time feeling sorry for myself.
  123. I’ve decided to abandon self-pity.
  124. I have the ability to affect change in myself and the environment around me.
  125. My neighborhood requires my assistance.

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