Mental Health Tattoos

People with mental health problems face stigma and ignorance from the general public. A healthy individual can’t imagine why someone with asthma would struggle to breathe with all the open windows and fresh air. It’s easy to see why people with mental illness might want to keep their issues to themselves. Having mental health tattoos are a good way to keep your mental health in place.

For this reason, mental health tattoos that address mental health issues tend to be quite striking. They are a statement that the wearers are not going to put up a false front about how they really feel. And they help those who are going through the same things not feel so alone. These tattoos convey an important message: mental wellness is health, just as physical health.

Furthermore, you need not be experiencing mental health issues to have a tattoo that addresses them. Feelings are valid, and some of these tattoos serve as reminders to that effect. Personal narratives are common among them. Proceed with the scrolling. And if you find inspiration in the tattoos below, go ahead and get them.

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Meaningful Mental Health Tattoos

Focus on healing

Getting this tattoo is the strongest statement of personal commitment you can make. Healing isn’t always a straight line, and it’s possible that there will be unexpected detours along the way. You won’t get there if you give up, but if you keep going, you will.

Meaningful Mental Health Tattoos

It’s ok to not be okay

The heart is stabbed and bleeing in this tattoo done in the style of the ignorant. Though it still reads, “I’m fine,” this is obviously not the case. People with mental illness frequently engage in this behavior, which entails suppressing their symptoms and acting as though everything is well.

However, ignoring a wound prevents it from healing. Consult an expert or a reliable friend about this. It’s possible that this is the beginning of your recovery.

Stay strong

The ability to withstand mental stress can be honed with regular practice. As this tattoo suggests, strength is a skill that can be honed.

Accept all of yourself

You can find a little bit of yourself in every incarnation. Regardless of how you currently feel that you are. In fact, it’s just OK.

Embrace the good

As a matter of fact, life isn’t always rosy. But you can find good in every situation.

Meaningful Mental Health Tattoos

A spiral tattoo that shows the fight going on inside

There is a widespread misunderstanding that recovery from mental health issues follows a straight line. One can get permanent relief from mental health issues by taking medication and attending therapy.

Those who suffer from mental health problems including anxiety, sadness, and others sometimes fight against them for years. A two-way healing process is taking place. Today you might be over the moon, but tomorrow you might be down in the dumps.

The tattoo’s spiral design serves as a constant reminder that the inner battle is far more difficult than it first appears. It’s also important to remember that a person’s outward serenity is no indication of how troubled his life actually is.

Just Hang Around

Depression is not usually accompanied by feelings of melancholy. Being unable to feel anything, not even sadness or joy, might be a common experience. This tattoo is a fantastic metaphor for the experience of being emotionally separated from the world: suspended, observing, but unable to respond.

It’s Okay

It’s fine to experience emotion, gain knowledge, make mistakes, and try again. This tattoo’s open space is just begging to be filled up. And what is it that you think the answer is?

It’s Okay - tattoos

See the good: a meaningful shoulder-blade tattoo

In spiritual terms, the moth stands for passion and change. Even if everything around it is dark, a moth will find its way to the light. A moth tattoo is a reminder that no matter how hard things are, there is always hope.

Follow your heart 

First impressions and intuition are more powerful than most people realize. If you trust your gut, you trust yourself. It’s time to get back to basics and trust your gut when you find yourself preoccupied with unimportant specifics.

A mix of emotions

Feelings are tricky. You can experience a wide range of emotions, from joy to sadness, self-assurance to fear. It’s entirely natural, though it can be incredibly perplexing. It will help you if you can just watch and accept them. You are not separate from your emotional self.

If only there was a button

A button like that, however, does not appear to be available. The tattoo serves as a wonderful reminder to be kind with yourself whenever your emotions fluctuate. You should not put the blame for your emotional or weak state on yourself.

A tattoo that will clear your mind

Optimism is not necessary for mental health. And it has nothing to do with pretending to be happy. Not allowing yourself to feel down or unmotivated blocks your path to self-acceptance.

Open heart, open mind

Maintain an open heart and mind. And you’ll entice happiness and positive vibes into your life.

Open heart, open mind

A semicolon tattoo reading, “This, Too, Shall Pass”

Having a terrible day does not equate to having a horrible life. There is no such thing as a permanent sensation, and all storms eventually pass. If you choose to keep going, your story will not be finished quite yet, much like the semicolon.

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