5 Do’s & Don’ts To Navigate Breakup Stress

Breakups are very tricky to navigate. There is always a sense of loss and sadness associated with them, no matter the duration or the nature of the breakup. The relationships we build with people are integral to our emotional well-being and breakups can affect you greatly. In order to navigate breakup stress with a little love and care, you should know how to act and what to do. More importantly, you should know what to not do when you’re in a precarious emotional state of mind as well! 

We will outline 5 do’s and 5 don’ts to help you navigate breakup stress and move on in a positive manner!

5 Do’s & Don’ts To Navigate Breakup Stress

Do – Feel the emotions. Remember, there’s going to be good days and bad days after a breakup. You’re going to feel a whirlwind of emotions and that’s okay. Allow yourself time and energy to process the emotions. You need time, but you also need patience. You will think about your partner, miss them and reminisce about the memories. This may cause more breakup stress on some days. But in order to move on, you have to let yourself feel every emotion and have patience. 

Feeling your emotions and processing them will help you reduce breakup stress.

Don’t – Go off the grid. When facing the pains of a breakup, you may want to spend time without talking to anyone and be completely on your own. That’s okay and it’s needed, but don’t take it to an extreme. At such times, your breakup stress is better processed when you’re in contact with a close friend or loved one and talking about how you feel. Detaching yourself completely may make you feel more alone.

Do – Show yourself some love. This is the perfect time to pamper yourself and be kind to yourself. Take time out to do things you enjoy and make you happy. Appreciate your own qualities and cut yourself some slack. Rather than focus on the negatives, reframe your thoughts and be positive about yourself. While this may sound challenging, it can be done. Do what makes you happy and be proud of it! Creating a morning, post-work or pre-bed time routine where you indulge yourself is a great way to go about it if you’re unsure! You can even try our audio on “show yourself some love” to beat breakup stress and anxiety!

Don’t text her/him. You may feel like texting your ex, but don’t give in to those temptations. When you’re having bad days and miss them, tell someone about it or journal your thoughts on paper. Getting those feelings out is better than texting them. This may only lead to more pain and sadness and won’t help your breakup stress.

Do – Watch a movie you enjoy. Sounds basic, right? It can do wonders for your mood. Watch any movie you enjoy and feel the positive effects of it! Movies usually have good memories associated with them and watching a feel-good movie will raise your spirits when you’re low. A bonus point, it’ll keep you distracted for a few hours and allow you to enjoy some much needed me-time! As a result, you will be able to reduce breakup and all the emotions it brings.

Movies can help you feel good and reduce breakup stress.

Don’t listen to common songs. Listening to songs you both discovered or enjoyed a lot will not help you reduce breakup stress and all the negative feelings associated with it. While music does help you process emotions and feel better, songs you both enjoyed will not help in the slightest. Use this as an opportunity to discover new songs!

Do – Cook your favourite food. The food you eat has a lot of memories associated with it. Favourite childhood meals, favourite midweek pick-me-up and other favourites can help you garner better spirits! Cook up something simple and tasty (but not too unhealthy) and enjoy the process. It will definitely keep you busy, give you a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, the meal itself will be very rewarding.

Don’t read old chats. You may find yourself reading old chats and thinking of better times. Being unable to delete chats and hanging on to old memories is perfectly common and okay, but it won’t help. Instead, archive the chats and store them away for later. This way you’re not cutting the cord instantly, but distancing yourself from it. The same applies to social media and material possessions. Archive photos, unfollow on social media and put any gifts or cards away from you for some time. It may be difficult, but in the long run, it’ll definitely help easy breakup stress and negative emotions.

Not reading old chats will help you manage breakup stress

Do – Practice gratitude. You can practice gratitude and reduce any stress you’re facing! This is a meditation practice which helps you feel good and instill positivity into your day. All you need are your thoughts and a compliment in your mind and you can reduce breakup stress with ease. Try our “send a gift of gratitude” audio today!

Don’t be hard on yourself. This is extremely important for you to keep in mind. Cut yourself some slack and don’t go on a guilt trip. Understand and accept your role in the breakup and don’t try to rationalise it. Your emotions and feelings are valid, and it’s okay to feel however you do. This is a tough time for you and people aren’t going to understand it completely. Since you understand the pain better than anyone else, go easy on yourself and be your own best friend! 

Whenever you feel low or are unable to manage your breakup stress, take time out for yourself and stay positive. With time, patience and a decent amount of ice cream, things will get better! Do things that make you happy and you will feel better. Practice simple positive exercises, stay physically fit and surround yourself with people who care for you. This will help you manage your stress and stay balanced. Try giving some of our quotes on breakups and stress a try too!

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