Difference Between Growth And Development

‘Growth is endless, but development has a limit.’

Growth and development go together so well yet they are two different concepts.

Technical Difference Between Growth & Development

Technically, Growth refers to the increase in height, weight, body size of a person. Whereas the term development refers to the process of a person’s physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral growth. 

growth and development
Difference between Growth and Development

Examples of Growth vs Development

Let’s consider some real-world examples to clarify growth vs development

Growth occurs over a short period of time, whereas development occurs over a long period of time. This implies that, depending on your child’s development rate, growth might last from birth until puberty. During this time, your child’s body goes through a series of changes that will eventually turn them into adults. Growth is not a continuous process, Your child’s growth rate will have peaked by the time he or she is 23 years old.

Whereas development is a lifelong process. Factors like time and age have no effect on development. Regardless of their region or experience, your child may learn a variety of abilities to tackle a variety of activities and obstacles. The nicest aspect about learning new skills is that it is still possible to do so after 35 years of age provided we are determined and committed.

Growth and development are quantitative and qualitative changes respectively. Growth can be both positive or negative but development is always positive.

Changes in our height and weight can be used to measure growth. You don’t have to be alert to see that the individual has matured. Development, on the other hand, is something that must be seen or observed intently and acutely in order to be realised. A person who is unfamiliar with you may note your progress, but he or she will be unable to determine whether or not you have matured.

Growth is external in nature and development is internal in nature.

Cellular changes are required for growth, whereas structural growth is required for the development. For example, a child’s growth in his surroundings might result in the development of habits and patterns of behaviour.


In closing, We might be of the same age, same height etc. but we will develop differently.

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