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The sleep cycle comprises the various stages of sleep, non-REM and REM sleep. One complete sleep cycle involves you experiencing all the stages of sleep. In humans this cycle takes 1–2 hours. The experience of complete and proper sleep cycles are what allows your body to rest, recharge, learn, dream and become healthy!

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How to improve and hack sleep cycles

  1. Remove technology
  2. Keep 90 minutes in mind
  3. Try guided meditation
  4. Eat melatonin rich food
  5. Follow a sleep routine

1. Remove Technology:

A screen detox for at least 1 hour before bed will help you enter the first stage of sleep in an easier manner. The blue light emitted by a computer or phone screen stimulates your system and keeps you awake. By staying away from screens before bed, your body is better prepared to sleep and you will enjoy better quality sleep. It will also be easier for you to have a fulfilling sleep cycle.

2. Keep 90 Minutes In Mind:

On average, one sleep cycle lasts for 90 minutes. Arm yourself with that knowledge and go to bed accordingly. If you need to wake up at 8 am, and you can’t sleep before 12 am, calculate how many sleep cycles you will be able to complete. You will be refreshed when waking near the end of a cycle. This knowledge will help you create more productive days and get better sleep.

3. Try Guided Meditation:

Listening to a guided sleep meditation can help your body and switch off for the day, leading to better sleep. You will fall into a deeper and more restful sleep, allowing you to make full use of the sleep cycle. This is because when you listen to a guided sleep meditation, your muscles relax, your breathing finds a balance and your brain starts to quieten. As a result, you enter the sleep cycle in an optimal manner. Try Evolve’s guided sleep audios today!

4. Eat Melatonin Rich Food:

Fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables and protein rich meats such as fish and chicken are extremely rich in melatonin and serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone that regulates your internal body clock and melatonin is key for restful sleep. By increasing your melatonin levels, you are giving yourself a chance at better quality sleep.

5. Follow a Sleep Routine:

This will help your body and mind prepare itself for sleep and allow you to close out the day on your own terms. Journaling, reading, mindful brushing and light stretches are just some of the activities that can be part of your sleep routine. It helps you sleep at the same time each night, leading to better sleep cycles and allows you to sleep faster!

Final Thoughts:

These are just some of the ways you can improve your sleep cycle and get the best sleep! It’s important to follow good sleep habits, sleep in a proper position, follow the 4 stages of sleep. Moreover, understand why deep sleep and REM sleep are important for your body and mind.

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