Social Media Detox : A challenge

How often do you reach out for your phone in a day? Do you check all the media updates first thing as you wake up? We have no idea how much time we spend on our phones or engaging in social media and a social media detox gives us clarity into this. A detox helps us realise the cons of social media.

social media detox

What is social media detox?

A social media detox is a time period during which a person avoids using social media. It’s common to think of “detoxing” from digital gadgets as a method to focus on real-life social interactions without being distracted. This detox can be for a day, a week or even a month. Staying off social media has immense benefits but if you have a hard time doing so then you can start with a social media detox first.

Being away from your phone and social media is going to help you to analyze how much time you spend on your phone.

People can relieve stress caused by constant connectivity by avoiding digital devices, at least temporarily. This is what social media detox does for you.

Reasons why social media detox is beneficial for you

The number of people using social media is continuing to rise. In fact, the average person spends at least two hours every day on social media platforms. Continuous use of social media & mindless scrolling make you feel lethargic & also leads to less focus & decreased productivity. The amount of mental energy we commit to our phones, particularly social media, could be made more efficient.

Here are a few reasons why digital detox is important:

  1. To improve focus & concentration
  2. To get over the fear of missing out
  3. Reset our mood
  4. Socialize more in real life
  5. Utilize the time we spend on social media for ourselves
  6. Break the habit of comparing our life with others 
  7. Stop being competitive
  8. Live for you and not for the media 
  9. Stop trying to be perfectly instagrammable all the time 

Now that we have understood the benefits of staying off social media, let’s understand how to do a social media detox.

How to do a social media detox?

Since we know what social media detox is, let’s get into the process.

1. Delete your social media apps

Decide for how long you will take a digital detox and delete your social apps first. We know we can reinstall it anytime so uninstall it without hesitation.

2. Inform your close ones

Let your close ones or the people you talk to most know about your detox plan earlier so that they won’t worry about you disappearing and they will update you if there is something you should know or you are missing out on. 

3. Change your lock screen wallpaper 

Our wallpaper is the first thing we observe when we check our phone every time even if we’re familiar. So, Change your wallpaper to something that will restrict or remind you that you don’t want to check your phone if you go nearby. You can keep a quote that will remind you of your purpose or wallpaper that will question your action.

4. PLAN your detox

This is the MOST important step of digital detox.

You need to plan what you are going to do during your digital detox so that you won’t go find your phone in your free time. Since you’ll have a lot of free time, add all your favourite activities or learn something new to utilize it in a beneficial way. 

You can do some of the following things:

  • Reading 
  • Going out on a walk 
  • Do your pending tasks 
  • Accompany family to get groceries or make dinner.
  • Plan a day with friends
  • Exercise 
  • Short courses
  • Meditation

Tips for your first social media detox

  • Give your phone or accounts to your siblings/friend so that when you want it back they can remind you of your detox.
  • Start with small time period targets for your digital detox. 
  • Ask someone to hold you accountable for what you are doing.
  • Be true to yourself.
  • Turn off all the notifications.
  • Challenge yourself with new things to try during the time.
  • Reward yourself your social media detox.

Social media detox will significantly reduce stress and help you lead a more meaningful life. You can also check out articles on the pros and cons of social media for students.