Cishet Men

What is CisHet Men?

the term “cishet” is derived from the words “cisgender” and “heterosexual,” where “cisgender” refers to identifying with the gender or biological sex assigned to you at birth and “heterosexual” refers to someone who is attracted to individuals of the opposing sexes sexually.

Moreover, it is frequently believed that the majority of individuals are cisgender and heterosexual because cishets make up a significant portion of the human population.

CisHet Men
source :Very Well Mind

Cisgender is more concerned with gender than sexuality. Any type of sexual orientation is acceptable for cisgender people. For instance, two guys who are both cisgender could be homosexual and straight.

Difference between straight and cishet

Despite the similarities in the definition, there are differences in what each phrase refers to. Most of the time, when someone is referred to as “straight,” it simply refers to their sexual orientation and denotes that they are heterosexual.

On the other hand, you must also be heterosexual and cisgender in order to be considered cishet.

Importance of CisHet Men

The presumption that everyone is heterosexual or cisgender might make those who are neither feel inferior. Everyone needs to see a representation of themselves in society. 

As a CisHet person, you may be more open by just being more mindful of your advantages. You have probably not experienced discrimination because of your sexual orientation or gender identity as a CisHet. 

Defend the LGBTQ+ community from people who judge it. 

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