The 4 Main Emotional Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest itself in various ways and it’s different for different people. For you, it may be a physical headache, for others it might be a sense of nervousness. The signs and symptoms of anxiety are different, but it is important to know them! Since anxiety can directly impact your emotions, the emotional symptoms of anxiety are worth knowing!

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The emotional symptoms of anxiety 

Irritability. When anxious, your amygdala is on overdrive. That is the same part of your brain that controls emotions. As a result, you will feel various emotions and not feel too great. Hence, you may be more irritable and annoyed. For whatever reason you may be anxious, even the slightest inconveniences may annoy you more than normal. It’s one of the main signs and emotional symptoms of anxiety.

Extreme fear or worry. This is one of the main symptoms of anxiety. Anxious thoughts are caused by heightened fear or worry. When you’re feeling anxious, it’s normal to be feeling very scared or worried about things. It could be immediate, something about the future or have no reason at all. Your anxiety may not have a reason, but you could feel extreme fear anyway. Know that it is perfectly okay!

Trouble focusing. When anxious, your mind is on overdrive and a lot of thoughts may be running in your head. As a result, you’re unable to concentrate on what is in front of you and your focus levels drop. You feel restless, scared and your attention starts to drop. In case you’re anxious about a meeting or a work deadline and are unable to focus, clearing your mind can help! In fact, you can even try these hacks to boost productivity, refocus and reduce anxiety with ease. 

Negativity. When anxious, you start looking at things with a negative view. You start to fear and expect the worst possible outcome no matter what! This is a classic sign and emotional symptom of anxiety. You will find yourself feeling pessimistic, low and filled with sadness. Show yourself some love and overcome anxiety.

Anxiety and stress manifest themselves in various ways, these are just some of the emotional symptoms of anxiety. What matters is knowing how to manage anxiety to feel better instantly! You can do it too with meditation, lifestyle choices and a few simple habits incorporated into your day. Try increasing your oxytocin and endorphin levels too.

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