Box Breathing Technique for Stress & Focus

Breathing is a great way to change your mood and state of mind. By manipulating the amount of oxygen that enters your system you can reduce stress and anxiety in the moment. Moreover, you can balance your heart rate, blood pressure and gain a sense of calm. Breathing exercises can help you sleep better, practice meditation and mindfulness and help you feel better when stressed! One such breathing technique is called box breathing!

Box breathing

Box breathing, also known as square breathing, is a breathing technique used with slow, deep breaths. It is powerful and can help boost performance and concentration while also being effective at stress management and anxiety relief. It’s also called four-square breathing technique due to its nature.

How to practice box breathing

It’s a really simple breathing technique to practice and you can do it wherever you are, whenever you want. Before you get started, make sure to sit with your back straight in a comfortable chair. Try to find a quiet and cozy spot that helps you feel calm, so you can focus on breathing!

How To Perform The Box Breathing Technique

Inhale for 4 counts

Hold your breath for 4 counts

Exhale for 4 counts

Before you inhale again, hold for 4 counts and repeat the cycle

You can repeat this exercise for 2-3 minutes or until you feel better. You could even reduce or increase the count from 4 depending on your comfort level. The count doesn’t matter as much as having a balanced breath cycle. Count slowly in your mind rather than out loud and if you want to increase it to 5 or 6, you can do that as well!

Box breathing, stress and focus

Very often, when faced with stressful situations, you tend to lose your natural rhythm in your body and mind. You are unable to think straight, you feel restless and sweat a lot. Box breathing helps you think clearly by reducing stress and calming you down. Since it helps clear your thoughts and reduce stress, it can also give you the extra push you need to focus better and boost productivity!

Box breathing is a great breathing technique and it can help you practice meditation and mindfulness with ease. In case you don’t find it comfortable, try other techniques like candle breathing, 4-7-8 or belly breathing! You can even try Evolve’s guided box breathing meditation today and boost your focus and reduce stress!

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