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Focus is key. Be it studying, working, eating or even taking a walk. Focus helps you stay productive, achieve more and respond better in the face of distractions. A great way to improve focus is to meditate, which comes with its own range of benefits.

Using this checklist to hone your focus will be a good thing.

This is a simple checklist for you to ascertain how focused you are and assess your general concentration levels. Please note, there is no scientific background to this and it’s a general test of your focus based on routine habits.

Read all the questions and give yourself a score for each question from 1-5. Here’s the scale below to help you answer.

1. Almost Never 2. Rarely 3. Sometimes 4. Often 5. Almost Always

Try being honest and impartial. At the end, calculate your total score. This will help you understand how focused you are during a task and if you need to improve your focus or continue doing well!

Mark yourself from 1-5 for each of these questions. 

Table of Contents

Focus Checklist

Statement Your Score
I don’t use my phone while I work
I don’t multitask and do things that aren’t related to work
I don’t get distracted by the smallest of things while working
I meet deadlines promptly
I am able to focus while others are speaking and don’t get lost in thought
I am able to re-focus on work after a distraction breaks my flow
I can focus on work for long periods of time
I am able to remember contents of a meeting after it is over

So, how focused are you? Let’s find out!

If your score was between 30-40, well done! You have high focus levels and are quite productive, keep going!

If your score was between 20-30, you’ve done good! You are usually quite focused, and don’t let distractions affect you, but there is some room for improvement!

If your score was below 20, that’s okay! Remember, difficulties in focus are a common problem and you’re not alone! There is no time like the present to try and improve your focus to achieve more! 

In case you’re working from home, here’s how you can improve your productivity and stay focused.

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