How To Overcome Laziness: 7 Simple Hacks To Be More Productive!

Feeling lazy everyday?

Feeling lazy and want a day off? It happens to the best of us. In these busy times, taking the occasional lazy day isn’t just alright but much needed for mental well-being. But if you find that you are feeling lazy a lot and having trouble getting things done, you may need to understand how to overcome laziness and break the cycle!

A lack of passion for your job, an overwhelming to-do list, and even various internal factors are just some of the things that can interfere with your motivation to be productive and active. 

Here are a few simple hacks you can use to overcome laziness, become more productive and find your energy and joy again!

How to overcome laziness with 7 simple hacks

  1. Make your goals manageable
  2. Make tedious tasks fun
  3. Keep distractions to a minimum
  4. Create a plan of action
  5. Play to your strengths
  6. Ask for help
  7. Reward yourself often

Make your goals manageable

Setting unrealistic goals and taking on too much can lead to a loss of motivation, lack of passion and eventual burnout. Making goals simple, manageable, time specific and actionable can help you stay on top of your work. It also helps you feel more accomplished and productive and not affect your state of mind. Avoid overloading your mind and body by setting smaller, attainable goals that will get you to your destination without overwhelming you and allowing you to overcome laziness!

Make tedious tasks fun

Adding music or podcasts to your day can make boring work also feel lively! There’s often a few tasks you won’t enjoy while working. You may tend to put off until the very end too. Instead tackle them first and listen to some motivational music or a fun podcast to keep you going. This will allow you to focus on more interesting work later and overcome laziness and lethargy!

Keep distractions to a minimum

Keep your desk tidy, your phone notifications to a minimum and ensure there’s no distractions around you. This can help you avoid wasting time and indulge your laziness, but push you to be more efficient and focused. Whenever you do feel distracted, take a short walk and come back with a single-minded focus for your work.

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Create a plan of action

When wondering how to overcome laziness at work, home or any other situation, this is a simple solution. Create a plan that you can follow to complete any pending work you may have. You can even do this the day before so you have more structure and clarity. Be realistic about how much time and effort you need to put in and even factor in some roadblocks or challenges along the way.

Play to your strengths

Take a moment to think about what your strengths are when setting goals or gearing up to tackle a task. Maybe you’re good at research rather than execution, so do that first. Maybe you work better during the day rather than post lunch. Try to apply them to your work and get things done. In fact, if you can use your strengths wisely, you’ll be able to overcome laziness and even feel positive about your work!

Ask for help

If you’re unable to figure out how to overcome laziness, ask for support from a colleague. They can be your workbuddy who can keep you in check, motivate you from time to time and help you stay disciplined. This does not mean you rely wholly on them to overcome laziness and be productive, but their help will only be useful! Asking for help improves your chances of success and helps you connect with others who can encourage and motivate you.

Reward yourself

Getting a job done is a reward in itself. You should celebrate something, no matter how small. Just because there’s no external reward like a promotion or pay raise, doesn’t mean a small treat is off the table. Whenever you’re done with a big project or complete crunched deadlines on time, treat yourself! Get an ice cream or go out for a movie or grab a dinner with friends. This will help you feel good about yourself and overcome laziness in the future!

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Feeling lazy is common because working hours and cultures might be tough, your own personal state of mind may be suffering or the work is boring. If you can create a better environment for yourself, be more productive and make your work fun, you can answer the question – How to overcome laziness? Moreover, you can become efficient, break the cycle and actually start to enjoy work again!

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