How to Respond to Being Blown Off?: 6 Effective Strategies

Being blown off can make you feel dejected. Here’s how you can respond to it.

The era of social media has facilitated the socialization of the already social animals. Today, we have numerous ways to meet people and form a bond with them, be it friendship, relationship or whatnot! While we enjoy the perks of the new found ways to begin a new connection, the manner in which any relationship is avoided or put an end to remains ancient – it begins with getting blown off and peaks up to become today’s ghosting.

Have you been thinking what to do when someone blows you off too? Here’s how to respond to being blown off:

1. Healthy Food for immediate comfort

For decades, we have seen that a tub of calorie-filled ice cream is the best response to being blown off in almost every situation. Rather than copying our favorite fictional characters, we should get real. While we make sense of the “someone is blowing me off” situation, we can indulge in healthy food. For example, eating pure dark chocolate, yogurt or other fermented items, consuming blueberry juice, other berries and nuts etc.

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Healthy Food can provide immediate comfort to you.

This way, not only can you prevent ruining your health but you can also naturally find comfort and catch hold of the situation better.

2. Find your strength in the pain of being blown off

We have heard poets express the pain of rejection like being stabbed in the heart or punched in the stomach. Well, the pain when someone blew me off did feel like that! Psychologists have also established that “when we experience rejection, we experience physical pain”. So, accepting the pain is an important act BUT do not fixate on it.

In the fear and pain of being blown off, don’t let the person occupy your mind. Instead, you should put yourself first because it is rightly said that you should “grow through what you go through”. This is also a history in making for the next strategy.

3. Being Blown off again? – Learn from the Past

When you are fooled once, it’s not your mistake but if you are fooled twice, you are to be blamed. Therefore, you must learn from your past experiences. When you look back and examine similar situations that have taken place earlier, you will better be able to understand what to do when a friend blows you off. 

Don’t be fooled twice!

However, every person is not the same. So, the trick is to not misunderstand errors in communication to be flippant behavior. The next strategy can help you do this!

4. Confront : It’s better than suspicion

In case you aren’t sure whether someone is blowing you off or you want to tell them that their behavior is hurtful, you can confront them. You can simply let them know that their tricks aren’t fooling anyone and that any relationship is a two way street. However, if you don’t get a positive response from the other person or you feel that you should not be going through this, it’s best to get away from the situation.

5. Get away! Your turn to blow off

One can understand rescheduling or ‘being busy’ a few times; but when it becomes repetitive or constant, it can make you feel unworthy and unwanted. It is also easy to understand when you are being blown off. Also, informing beforehand that they might not be able to keep a commitment and in contrast, being in a position where she or he blew me off then apologized, convey two different messages. 

When someone blows you off repeatedly, you must get away from them.

Instead of doubting your self worth, you must withdraw from the situation. It is time that you find another friend, partner and also explore yourself.

6. Self Development: A lesson from getting blown-off

Personal development is a lifelong journey but situations like being blown off can be a great lesson to realize your self worth. So, indulge in self care to heal and gain confidence. Understand yourself, build your potential and grow! This way, you won’t have to surf the web for “being blown off quotes” or “how to respond when a friend blows you off”; you will recognize the true keeper of your feelings.

Be your best self!

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