How To Insert Menstrual Disc

  • How To Insert Menstrual Disc

    How To Insert Menstrual Disc

    What Is A Menstrual Disc? A flexible disc-shaped device placed within the body to collect menstrual flow is known as a menstrual disc. They resemble menstruation cups but are flat-fitted instead. Discs are typically composed of medical-grade silicone and folded before being put into the vagina. They are placed over the pubic bone in the…

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  • Cramping With Menstrual Cup

    Cramping With Menstrual Cup

    What to know about cramping with menstrual cup? For the whole explanation of menstruation cups and cramps, continue reading. You’re undoubtedly curious about. Are cramps caused by menstrual cups? Can using a menstrual cup help cramp? Menstrual cups and cramps are topics of many inquiries and misunderstandings. Some women wonder if their cramps and suffering…

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