How To Insert Menstrual Disc

What Is A Menstrual Disc?

A flexible disc-shaped device placed within the body to collect menstrual flow is known as a menstrual disc. They resemble menstruation cups but are flat-fitted instead. Discs are typically composed of medical-grade silicone and folded before being put into the vagina. They are placed over the pubic bone in the front and beneath the cervix in the rear. A menstrual disc must be withdrawn, cleaned, and then reinserted after collecting menstrual flow for up to 8 hours once it is in position. Read the article to learn how to insert a menstrual disc.

If you’ve tried a period cup but it didn’t work for you, menstruation discs are a terrific option. Due to their flat-fit form, they frequently fit women with low cervixes or uteruses that are tilted. Although some manufacturers refer to their discs as cups, we typically refer to cone-shaped devices as cups and flatter-fitting, bowl-shaped devices as discs. This can be a bit confusing. Learning how to insert a menstrual disc can really make periods a bit easy!

A Tip!

It’s doubtful that your menstrual Disc was given to you in a sterile state. Put your menstruation disc in a kettle of hot water to sterilize it. According to the manufacturer, you should boil your disc for 3 to 8 minutes, however this might vary depending on the kind. When handling your disc, first let the water totally cool before doing so with clean hands.

How To Insert Menstrual Disc

  1. Fold your disc laterally. Some menstruation discs, require a specific orientation of insertion. The stem side of the Lumma disc, which has one, should be the last to be inserted. The “bowl” must have its opening facing up and in your direction. You can use one hand or two; utilising two hands enables you to maintain the disc’s entire lengthwise folding and minimises its diameter.
  2. Push the disc down until it is positioned beneath the cervix. While it is helpful to know where your cervix is, it is not necessary. The only time this becomes challenging is if your cervix leans backward. In this case, it could be necessary to “scoop” the cervix into the disc’s back.
  3. Next, raise the disc’s front side as high as you can. Many folks are anxious about this step and push the front up more slowly than they should. With some experience, you’ll become used to this section. It is because of this that you may frequently have disc leakage.
how to insert a menstrual disk

Comparing discs to menstruation cups, there is a lot less that can go wrong, making insertion more simpler. You could first struggle if you’re uncomfortable reaching within your vagina. You’ll become more accustomed to the entire procedure with practice.

How To Remove A Menstrual Disk

Things start to get a little… messy here. Menstrual cups or tampons are easier to remove without making as much mess. In fact, I bet that your assumption about how messy removing a period cup would be is really an accurate representation of how messy removing a menstrual disc is.

There will be blood on your hands because of their shallow bowl shape and the way the “catch” section squishes to virtually flat when being pulled through the vaginal canal. Menstrual discs are affectionately referred to as “blood drawers” for good cause. You ought to be more ready for what follows after seeing that image. While you remove it, some blood will also leak out. You must stand in the shower or place yourself over the toilet.

Techniques for Removing Menstrual Discs

  1. With a finger, “hook” the disc’s rim and lower it. You may squeeze the rim and remove the remaining material once it is close to the entrance. Discard the remaining items in the bathroom.
  2. “Pinch” your finger and thumb together to the disc’s rim. Pull out and downward. Discard the remaining items in the bathroom.
  3. If your disc has a stem, you should “pull” it. Since there is no suction, you may just pull on the stem or string without worrying about it. You may squeeze the rim and remove it the rest of the way once it is close to the entrance. Discard the remaining items in the bathroom.

More Tips for Removing the Menstrual Disc

Try it out for the first time in the shower. Believe me.

As soon as the disc’s rim is within easy reach at the vaginal entrance, always maintain a tight grasp on it. Many people, including myself, have dropped their CDs in the toilet as a result of a shaky hold. Alcohol and disc removal do not mix well!

Empty the contents first. Periodic CDs occasionally “auto-dump.” If this happens to you, you can take advantage of it. While over the toilet, make an effort to urge your disc to unload by applying a little “bearing down” pressure. When you remove the disc, less will spill over your hands if the contents are dumped into the toilet.

Your friend is the bidet. For those who use discs, having a bidet attachment or a toilet with a built-in bidet might be really helpful. To rinse the disc, I prefer to use the spray. Discs frequently have blood on the exterior as well as the interior, unlike cups. My excursion to the sink, which requires a reasonable distance in my ensuite bathroom, is stress-free since I first rinse it with my bidet. For the same reason, I wash my fingers in the bidet water as well.

A squatty potty is also helpful. Removing the disc or a cup is simpler when you’re sitting on a stool like the squatty toilet with your feet slightly elevated.

A softer disc can be removed with little or no pain. A disc like Nixit with a soft rim will easily remove material that has been crumpled by the boundaries of your vaginal entrance and canal. Lumma, which is a firmer disc, may press further outward during removal, causing you greater pain. To assist, physically push the stiffer discs inward.

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