ENFP Compatibility With Other Personalities

ENFP Personality Type Compatibility
ENFP Personality Type Compatibility

To find a match which is a perfect fit, a compatible couple, one can believe in different aspects – ranging from biological traits, horoscopes to personal characteristics.  

How can the Myers-Briggs Personality types help assess compatibility?

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator was developed by the mother-daughter duo in accordance with the ‘Jung Personality type Typology’. This Personality Test can be used to understand your personality. Once you know who you are as per Jung’s classification, you can also understand how other personality types behave and how different types form relationships with one another. 

This article is going to revolve around ENFP Personality Type Compatibility.

ENFP Personality Type and their Relationships

People with ENFP Personality are very warm, encouraging and they value relationships in their life. They hate to be in a conflict and their communication is a forte which makes them even more devoted in their relationships.

There are many career paths that can be fruitful for ENFPs and it is because of their interpersonal and encouragement skills. They are very optimistic about opportunities in their future and they can wittily think of creative solutions. Also, they value their work relationships and this adds to their value in their workplace.

Even with personal relationships, people with ENFP Personality are very expressive and supportive. As lovers, an ENFP is fully dedicated and helps his/her partner when in need. As children, friends and parents, ENFPs appreciate their role to a great extent. They remain emotionally connected to all their relationships; however, their forgetfulness and tendency to withdraw from disputes might sometimes be off-putting for others. 

ENFP Personality Compatibility – Common Interests

Amongst the sixteen personality types put forth by Carl Jung, the following four Personality types can form the best rapports with an ENFP. These also have interests and values in life that align with an ENFP Personality. 

  • ENFP – In a relationship where both the parties want to share all things sundry, this relationship can work out great!
  • INFP – Both these personalities can form distinctive ways of interpersonal communication and have deep conversations about life.
  • ENTP – These two personalities get along well because they are equally good at socializing and being ‘social butterflies’.
  • ENFJ – The need and skill for good communication prevails in these two personalities. They can thus build a good connection and enjoy each other’s company.

Complementing Relationship with ENFPs

ENFP Personality Compatibility
ENFP and Complementing Relationships

Many couples like the fact that the two people in a relationship complement each other. In such a relationship, love might not spark immediately between the two personalities. However, getting to know each other will make Cupid’s arrow strike. An ENFP Personality Compatibility of this sort can be achieved with these of Jung’s Personalities:

  • ISFP
  • INTJ
  • ESFJ
  • ESTP

The best part about such a relationship is the potential that it provides for the lovers to learn from each other and grow. In these personality combinations, people have essential things in common and more importantly, they possess what the other person desires. 

An ‘Opposites Attract’ Relationship

ENFP Compatibility
ENFP and Relationships where opposites attract each other

The concept of ‘opposites attract’ can be a debatable topic but an ENFP can form interesting relationships with some particular Personality Types which differs significantly from him. In such a relationship, they are very keen on getting to know the other ‘different’ person.

  • ESFP – These two personalities can positively challenge each other with their impulsiveness and fondness for new experiences.
  • INTP – Relationships between these two can work well because INTPs are great thinkers and ENFPs are good at understanding, even the unsaid cues.
  • INFJ – These two individuals tend to not engage in conflicts and they also have the exact piece required to complete the other person’s puzzle.
  • ENTJ – ENTJ and ENFP attract each other for their different thought process in terms of logic and planning.

Difficult Compatibility with ENFP Personality

The relationship of an ENFP with the Personality Types mentioned below can be difficult to form and maintain. This is because they would seem to have a ‘personality clash’ with each other. They can initially feel that the two of them are fundamentally contrasting and thus, they have no common ground. These Types are:

  • ESTJ
  • ISFJ
  • ISTP
  • ISTJ

ENFP Personality compatibility in these combinations would be a challenge because the two of them can be poles apart from each other; but some might believe that this provides the best possibility for personal and interpersonal growth. Thus, if they can succeed in forming a relationship, they can teach and learn a lot in their partnership.

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