Cupioromantic Meaning & Flag

Cupioromantic is a term that refers to the orientation of those who do not feel romantic attraction but accept the idea of a romantic connection. They might fall in love and they don’t deny the fact, but they don’t connect the love with things like going on a date, sexual desires, kissing, or expressing romantic things.

Cupioromantic refers to an individual’s style of perceiving love rather than their gender. They are physically incapable of being in a love relationship or desiring one but not feeling a romantic desire.

Romantic desires and sexual desires are two different things even though they coexist. We need to understand that both of it does not need to be there always to call it a relationship, and that’s how we will understand cupioromantic.

Cupiorpmantic flag

You might have noticed your friends having a crush they talk about. People around you have a crush on someone or are infatuated by people and you don’t feel it. This might show you are cupioromantic as you don’t want to sure those romantic feelings with the other person.

If you are cupioromantic, you’ll probably give up on the thought of dating someone else. The cycle will probably continue if someone else becomes involved, despite the fact that dating could please you, you don’t want to explore it. Some other signs of it would be avoiding hanging out with people who you think might be your potential romantic partners.

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