Aegosexual: What does it mean & what’s the symbol?

The asexual spectrum includes the identity of aegosexuality. Aegosexuals experience sexual excitement, but do not actually feel the urge to engage in sexual activities.

There are many variations and misconceptions about this identity—people who are aegosexual lack the urge to engage in the sexual activity themselves. Aegosexuals are stimulated by pornographic material and sexual content, and while they may enjoy masturbation, they only engage in sexual fantasies. An aegosexual person doesn’t wish to engage in sexual activity with another person actually. They just want the thought.

How do you know you are Aegosexual?

The following will help you to know if you are aegosexual:

  1. Visualizing sexual activities pleases you but when you are not involved
  2. You would prefer masturbation over actually engaging in sex
  3. You have fantasies but you don’t feel like experiencing them personally

Aegosexual Flag

Aegosexual flag

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