Homiesexual: What does it mean?

Typically, “homiesexual” refers to a person’s attraction to their closest friends, people around them, and family members of the same gender.

We can understand this term as someone who doesn’t identify as gay but may feel some sexual attraction towards their friends of the same gender. Although it is rare for these men to engage in sexual relationships, they occasionally hug, kiss, or otherwise publicly show their affection for their friends or homies.

Homisexuality is defined as “a phrase to characterize straight males who go beyond bromance and express nonsexual signs of physical affection” in a New York Times story titled “Everyone Is Gay On TikTok.”

Table of Contents

The Homiesexual flag 

  • The color pink on the homiesexual flag stands for attraction to women
  •  the color yellow for attraction to non-binary persons
  •  the color white for the connection between friendship
  •  the color red for love 
  •  the color blue for attraction to your homie.

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