What is the ENFP Personality type?

Carl Jung, an eminent Swiss Psychiatrist, proposed that people can be divided into 16 personality types under the umbrella of the ‘Jung Typology’. The sixteen different types of human personality are made up of a combination of four traits each and ENFP is one of them. These personality types can be assessed through tests like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator among others. 

Carl Jung: The proponent of ENFP Personality type
Carl Jung: The proponent of ENFP Personality type. Source.

Out of the different types of personalities described by Jung, the most figmental is the “ENFP Personality type”. Let us discover the ENFP t-personality in this article.

Meaning of ENFP

Once we understand what the literal meaning of ENFP is, relating it to real-world traits and characteristics will become simpler; so here we begin with it. This ‘campaigner personality type’ simply means that people exhibiting this genre of the Jung Typology show a preference for the following four characteristics:

  1. Extroversion – In their external behavior, they tend to be extraverted.
  2. INtuition – Their internal processing is based on intuition.
  3. Feeling – Their internal state is a result of their feeling.
  4. Perceiving – The perceive to shape their adaptation behavior.

The combination of Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving makes people very charming, thus naming them the ‘social butterflies’ or ‘campaigners’.

Characteristics of ENFP t Personality

The ENFP “campaigners” are warm and enthusiastic, making them good with people. With their free spirit and magnetism, they can fit into leadership roles and campaign for change. 

Characteristics of the ENFP Personality type
Characteristics of the ENFP Personality type

Such campaigners are highly passionate about the work which interests them. Moreover, their ability to think out of the box and read between the lines attracts people towards them. They thus keep the potential to encourage others. The routine tasks which do not interest a campaigner ENFP might make them disinterested. Thus, sometimes, they can be distracted while performing important tasks. 

The zealous ENFPs like to be organized. The combination of their traits makes their thinking very spontaneous. 

What does it mean to be a Campaigner?

With all the carishma of the ENFP type personality, we should not miss out on the other side of the coin. So, here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a Campaigner.

  • Personal relationships are very valuable to the Campaigners. However, their warmth and the desire to be liked by others makes other people misunderstand them or think of them as ‘pushy’.
  • An ENFP is very good with people. Their wit and creativity adds to their eloquence. Thus, not manipulating others while expressing oneself becomes arduous for a Campaigner.
  • Even when an ENFP is fun and adventurous, they follow a strong system of personal values. They have a desire to keep all areas of their life in check with this system.
  • The intuition and perception of a Campaigner makes him get a deeper understanding of the people and situations around him with little effort. Yet, they can overthink and be too emotional.

Cognitive Functions of ENFP type personality

Now that you understand who an ENFP is and you might have thought of people around you, celebrities or fictional characters who display the ENFP personality type, let us dive into why Jung characterized the ENFP.

Characteristics of the ENFP Personality type
Characteristics of the ENFP Personality type

According to him, all the sixteen personality types have four cognitive functions each. Out of these, the first two functions control a major fraction of the person’s character; while the other two exert their influence in certain situations.

  1.  Dominant: Extroverted Intuition

This is a core cognitive function of the ENFP. Having extroverted intuition means that rather than accepting things as they are, a Campaigner opens himself to the world of possibilities.  They focus on the relationships they form and are good at ‘connecting the dots’.

  1. Auxiliary: Introverted Feeling

Introverted Feeling makes an ENFP stay true to his value system. They follow their moral code and think about values and feelings before acting. It is due to this cognitive function that they are highly thoughtful about people.

  1. Tertiary: Extroverted Thinking

When an ENFP has to find solutions to a problem, this function enables him to think with logic. An ENFP personality type can sort through information and form connections to solve a problem efficiently due to this tertiary operation.

  1. Inferior: Introverted Sensing 

The inferior cognitive function means that this factor is the least strong among all the four. However, it is this function that enables a Campaigner to store information about their experiences with their personal touch in their brain. Thus, they can use this information to relate to their past experiences, form an opinion about the current ones and form an outlook for what’s to come!

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