ENFJ Personality Type

As leaders, People with ENFJ Personality are idealistic organizers who are committed to doing what is best for humanity. Because of their charisma and their capacity to discern potential in others, they often serve as catalysts for human development. They have a strong commitment to vision and ideals, and they are enthusiastic about the potential of all individuals.

ENFJ Personality

People that identify as ENFJ Personality tend to be active, goal-oriented, and busy. They have a strong sensitivity to the needs of others and a keen awareness of human misery, but they also have a natural tendency toward optimism and forward thinking, perceiving possibilities for growth and development. Although the ENFJ is ambitious, their drive comes from a place of altruism and a belief that they must do their part to improve the world.

What ENFJ Stands For?

One of the 16 personality types identified by psychologists Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers is called an ENFJ. ENFJ is an acronym for the personality traits of being outgoing, intuitive, feeling, and evaluating. As the letters in “ENFJ” suggest, an ENFJ Personality is someone who gets their kicks from interacting with others (Extraverted), who prefers to think things through rather than react on the fly (intuitive), who bases decisions on how they make you feel (Feeling), and who is more comfortable with structure and routine than with improvisation and change (Judging) (Judging). For their dedication to fostering the growth of those around them, ENFJs are often categorized as Teacher types.

Values Of ENFJ Personality

People with the ENFJ personality type are motivated by a profound feeling of benevolence and empathy for other people. They are able to intuitively detect the feelings of those around them and frequently serve as an emotional barometer for those in their immediate environment.

On the other hand, their compassion is not limited to the people who are closest to them; rather, they frequently have a humanitarian bent and may have genuine concern for the ills that befall the entire human species. They have a propensity to intimately experience the emotions of others, and when they witness the pain of others, they feel obliged to take action.

ENFJ Personality feels that working together with others to accomplish tasks is the most effective method to get things done, and they crave intimate, mutually beneficial ties with other people. They are extremely sensitive to comments, whether they are positive or negative, as they have a strong need to be liked by others.

They have high standards not only for themselves, but also for everyone around them, and it is possible for them to feel let down when they discover that others are not as genuine in their goals as they are themselves. ENFJs put forth a lot of effort to keep their relationships healthy and work hard to become meaningful contributors to their families, groups, and communities in which they live.

Others Opinion About ENFJ Personality

ENFJs have a knack for education and are usually the ones leading a class or workshop. They step up to the plate and steer the ship in the direction of what will be most beneficial for the group’s development and learning. They have the uncanny ability to recognize others’ latent potential and the charisma and empathy to inspire those around them to realize it. They inspire those around them to pursue knowledge and frequently radiate energy as they do so.

People who identify as ENFJ tend to be excellent communicators and social connectors. Relationship conversation comes easily to them because of their keen insight of human nature. They have a wealth of knowledge about human nature and are happy to impart it to others, making them excellent problem-solvers and conversationalists. They can become emotionally drained if constantly exposed to distressing situations since they are overly sensitive and invested in the outcomes.

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