Signs Of Low Self Confidence

signs of low self confidence
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Imagine a scenario. You are having a farewell dinner in your office. It is your colleague’s farewell speech doing its rounds. Everyone in the department is giving his or her bit of speech. The speeches are articulated well. The speakers are cheerfully wishing well for their colleagues. Every time you were proposed to speak, you shove away your turn to the next colleague.

Stage fright is the most common sign of low self esteem
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Now that all is done, it is just you who is left to speak. You wish to say quite a lot of things about your colleague. You worked together, right? So muster all the courage to only end up mumbling, a quick “Do well!” followed by a sweaty handshake. What just happened was a fiasco. Your confidence to speak in a social setting is rock-bottom low.

What is confidence?

To rephrase the English Dictionary, Confidence is the sense of trust that we feel on someone or something. Self-confidence is the assurance which grows from one’s own qualities or abilities. It surmounts to awareness of one’s worth. 

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Confidence is that feeling of not being afraid to make mistakes. Confidence makes you raring-to-go. It brings new experiences in life. It opens new avenues for you. Self-assurance takes venture to new heights.

The courage to go ahead and perform any activity is called confidence. Self-confidence. This emerges from a lot of habits that you need to imbibe in your daily lifestyle. Read more: Habits to improve self-confidence

There are many of you out there who are not even aware that you are less self-assured than others. All that you do know is that there are distinct characteristics that a confident person possesses in the room.

So how do you come to recognise a confident person? How do you filter the symptoms of a woman or a man who is not confident about oneself? How do you, my friend, know what are the signs of low confidence define you as a low confident person?

First things first! Let us dive straight to the top lists of the many indicators of a person who is low on confidence.

Introvert vs lack of self-confidence

Introverts are those who are home-birds, so to say. They are withdrawn from being in the company of people. They are slow in making small talk. Introverts are not necessarily low in confidence. They are the happiest in their own company. They are fond of doing their own thing. They don’t mind getting together with a couple of friends of their choice.

  •       If you lack confidence or are unsocial
  •       you avoid joining to plans for social events
  •       you have a warehouse of excuses to give to stay away
  •       If you are an out-going person but choose not to interact with folks known to you, let alone new people

It is a sign of a lack of self-esteem in your social skills. It is probably you presume that you will end up in an uncomfortable position. You need to help uproot this symptom of lack of self-esteem. Being unsocial is different from being an introvert.

Compliments vs Criticism

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 Everyone needs to be complimented. We look forward to being appreciated. Be it our boss at work, or partner on a date, or amongst our friends. Complimenting is a sign of self-assurance. When you are being complimented, do you shrug it away with an expression of disbelief, “That’s not true!”; or do you thank in a self-assured manner?

On other hand, how do you take a disagreement or a criticism to make you a better person? Do you wail out into a heap of hand-tissues when you are pointed to make corrections? As a self-confident person, you should have been taking it all in the right spirit. Instead, if you are emotional, resentful, and angry about the person or situation, it is a lack of self-esteem that is making you so.

Pessimist vs Optimist

lack of confidence-pessimism

If I gave you a glass of half-full water. You may wonder why the glass is half filled just half. Why not full? You are critical about the person who filled it. You also worry about the future. What if you drank this water and there’s a drought? You are nervous and think of all the possibilities that can go wrong in a situation. It may be a symptom of lack of self-esteem if you do not enjoy the moment you are in.

 Read on to know about this being a symptom of lack of confidence. A self-assured person will be thankful for the glass of water. This person will be grateful that the glass is at least half full rather than empty. Hopefulness is a significant characteristic of an optimist. Do you have it in you? If it is a NO, you need to work on making it a habit.

Self-worth vs self-disapproval

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One of the striking symptoms of lack of self-esteem often pointed out by experts is the disapproval of oneself. The sense of self worth is at its lowest when there is low self-confidence. Feeling worthless and non-acceptance of one’s success, beauty, accomplishments, you name it, is pitifully a symptom of a low self-confidence. If you are a woman, you will crave attention from others’ approval. When you do not get the same, it leads to negative thought processes and repercussions in your behavior. Watch out if this is you.

 To sum up

Self-esteem roots from self-confidence. Self-esteem is all about being aware of your strengths and values. Self-esteem plays a huge role in being loving and supportive in your relationships. It affects your motivation to be successful. It helps you to be secure about your own abilities.

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Low self-esteem is like a growing mold. It may turn into depression, mental illness and cause physical illness too, if you do not recognize the symptoms. There’s help at hand, always. 

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