Negative Energy: How To Protect Yourself From the negativity

What is negative energy and how to identify it?

It’s not always easy to tell what negative energy is exactly but you can feel it around you like some negative thoughts, negative outcomes, negative manifestations and negative actions.

We all know someone who would think of something unfeasible instead of being positive about it because they are trapped in a negative mindset.

And when they create such unpleasant vibrations, they affect the entire room, as well as drain your energy.

Negative Energy: How To Protect Yourself From the negativity

Let’s look into how we can identify negative energy

  1. Negative people around you

Someone who radiates a lot of negative energy will find flaws in almost everything. Nothing is ever just right for them and nothing makes them happy. They have a love-hate connection with the world, meaning they enjoy hating things and despise loving them. Negative people commonly try to make others feel as bad as they do because they think this friendship will sustain only if you both feel the same way. They constantly complain about everything no matter how good they are. And if you can relate to these traits in someone’s case then yes you’re dealing with a person full of negative energy. It’s also necessary to understand whether some of your traits are attracting negative people in your life.

  1. Negative self-talk

It’s any thought that affects your ability to make positive life choices or your faith in your own to accomplish so.

We can categorise negative self-talk as your negative inner voice of you. It has many forms like avoiding something by saying ‘i won’t be able to do this’ or leaving an opportunity by saying ‘it’s not meant for me’ even before you try.

Negative self-talk might be limiting your capacity to believe in yourself and your abilities, as well as your opportunity to fulfil your full potential.

It will drain all your motivation.

  1. Negative environments

Environments that make you uncomfortable may be described as having negative energy. 

Negative environment is something that makes you feel lazy or sad. Let it be your home, workplace or society.

If your room is messy, nothing is in the place when you need it, your workplace is chaotic and people around you are not happy with what is going on and make you feel the same way this all can result in frustration and disappointment.

Ways to protect yourself from negative energy 

Negative Energy: How To Protect Yourself From the negativity

1. Positive affirmations every day

These are positive statements you repeat everyday and believe in them.The affirmations start to take control of your thinking, eventually transforming your thought pattern and, ultimately, changing your life.

Practise these affirmations daily:

  • I am constantly growing and evolving into a better person.
  • Note to self: I am going to make you so proud.
  • Today is a phenomenal day.

2. Meditation

Find a quiet place, close your eyes and practise meditation.Take deep relaxing breaths and feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders.

relax your body and focus on one positive thought. Think of nothing engaging while you meditate.

It helps you calm your mind and creates positive vibrations around you.

If you can’t meditate you can opt for other calming techniques like taking a walk, listening to soft music or podcasts etc.

3. Stop complaining

Simply notice how many times you complain during the day. When you do, you’ll notice that a lot of the criticism and cribbing was absolutely useless. The more you complain about what annoys you, the more you notice what bothers you, and then you complain even more. Focus on solutions rather than bitching, which produces nothing.

4. Keep your space clean and bright

Clean your room and free up your space which will bring a lot of positivity around you. When you work at a clean place you are highly motivated to get things done.

You get stuff you want easily when your space is organised which increases the pace you work at.

5. Create your bubble!

If the person feels fine coming to you and dumping their negative energy on you, it’s necessary to set some healthy boundaries to protect your own energy.

It could be as simple as distancing yourself from that person for a period of time or limiting the amount of time you spend with them when they are surrounded by negative energy.

6. Take care of yourself 

Practice Self-care, stay healthy, use self care journeys to help yourself build happy vibes around you.

Take your me-time which will unknowingly separate you from the negative energy coming from others!