Sapphic Flag & Sexuality Meaning

You may have seen the sapphic flag or heard the phrase “sapphic” mentioned, but do you know what it refers to? Be at ease!

Here is a summary of what it means to be a sapphic, the history of the name, and a description of the sapphic flag.

Sapphic meaning

A woman or person who identifies as a woman, regardless of sexual orientation, is said to be sapphistic, sometimes referred to as women loving women (WLW), or sapphist.

A different definition particularly includes non-binary people. It serves as a catch-all phrase for a variety of identities, such as lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, and queer. It is employed to encourage camaraderie among women and non-binary people of various genders who are drawn to women and those who identify as female.

It can also serve as an identity, which is especially helpful for people who are attracted to women but may be unsure of their attraction to other genders. Additionally, it can be used to indicate a bond between two women.

The History Of The Word “Sapphic”

The word “sapphic” comes from the name of Sappho, an ancient Greek lyric poet who is thought to have lived on the Isle of Lesbos. She is thought to have produced over 10,000 lines of lyrics, although very little of her work is still in existence.

Despite the fact that most of her work was lost due to poor preservation, according to some legends, the mediaeval church destroyed it on purpose. This is due to the fact that she frequently portrayed or alluded to the love between girls and women in her poetry. Many people also think Sappho was gay for this reason.

Meaning and Symbolism Of The Sapphic Flag

The lesbian pride flag is a good representation of pride for lesbians who identify as sapphic. However, because the sapphic flag is more accepting of various orientations and identities, non-lesbian sapphics could want to use it.

Two pink stripes on the top and bottom of the sapphic flag stand for love. There is a violet in the centre, which historically was presented to women as a representation of their sapphic love.This sapphic flag was created in 2015 and is credited to a Tumblr user.

Another variation of the sapphic flag features two violets in the centre, signifying the love shared by two ladies.

The Demi-Sapphic Flag

A wiki user also unveiled a demi-sapphic pride flag in August 2021. Demi-sapphics are those who are attracted to women sexually, but only after developing a deep emotional connection. This sexuality is based on demisexuality, which is described as “feeling no sexual desire toward other individuals unless a strong emotional attachment has been developed” by the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN).

The demi-sapphic is composed of two violets, a black arrow pointing right, and stripes of pink, white, light pink, and grey. The demisexual flag is the source of the grey stripes and black arrow, which stand in for the ace community and grey asexuality, respectively.

Why Violets?

Sappho “loved the beauties and beauty of nature,” and included descriptions of flowers, garlands, meadows, and other natural objects in her poetry.

In a poem Sappho used violets as a gesture of love.

In turn, violets have come to represent sapphic love and have been utilised in contemporary literature to allude to female love. The Captive, a 1927 Broadway play by Edouard Bourdet, is one prominent example.

The plot centres on two lesbian characters, each of whom shows their love for the other by giving the other a bouquet of violets. Due of its subject, which at the time was prohibited, the play caused a public controversy. Audiences would show up to theatres with violet lapel pins to support Bourdet’s play.

The sapphic community and its long history of opposition to homophobia and misogyny are both represented by the sapphic flag. It is a representation of inclusivity, visibility, and resiliency in addition to pride. Sapphics can proudly display their pink, white, and violet-filled flag knowing that it has a long history.

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