Trixic Flag & Sexuality

Trixic often refers to non-binary people who are drawn to women. For non-binary people, this connection to femininity may be romantic or sexual. Enby people who are drawn to women are also referred to as orbisian.

Trixic may include those who are not only drawn to women. Whether or not they are drawn to males or females is debatable. Some of them might also self-describe as lesbians. NBLW is an acronym used by some trixic non-binary people who love women.

The Trixic flag

On Tumblr and other blogs, there are numerous variations of the orbisian flag. It is not just orbisian people who fly the flag. In actuality, the orbisian flag and the trixic flag on Tumblr are identical. In October 2017, the orbisian flag’s first rendition appeared on Tumblr. The flag’s colours stand for the following:

The colour purple on the flag represents non-binary individuals.

Yellow also signifies the Enby people on the flag.

Pink is an attractive colour to women.

Simplified Trixic Flag

The trixic flag, which is what most people think of when they think of it, has the same colours as the orbisian flag with purple, yellow, and pink, which stand for women’s appeal and enby people, respectively. This trixic flag was designed to emphasise female appeal. The flag also features non-binary and female symbols to represent the appeal of femininity.


In 2021, a different trixic flag was created and shared on Tumblr. Purple stripes on this flag stand for the allure of ladies. The flower of the poppy symbolises love. The flag’s design is reminiscent of the sapphic, achillean, and diamoric flags.

Alternate trixic flag

On Tumblr, there is also a different four-stripe variation of the trixic flag. It uses a similar colour scheme to stand for enby who only love women.

Alternate trixic flag by frcgdad_.

Origin of word Trixic: What does Trixic Mean?

On a discord server and Tumblr in 2017, the language used to express non-binary people’s desire to women seems to have started. The following is what the term trixic means in Urban Dictionary:

“Trixic is a sexuality. It is where a non-binary person is attracted to women”

Orbisian was another term that appeared around the same time on Tumblr and a discord server. In the end, both phrases are now utilised to describe non-binary individuals who have a female sexual or romantic attraction. Trixic and orbisian are now used interchangeably. The newly coined terms gained popularity and were soon used to refer to both men and women who are attracted to one another.

Toric is a name used to describe enby individuals who are attracted to men solely or not. It can occasionally be utilised in content to expand on an attraction. It’s possible that toric and trixic best describe the sexual and/or romantic desire between two people.

What are the pronouns trixic people use?

Most frequently, trixic people identify as having a non-binary gender. That is to say, a trixic individual would often use pronouns that are gender neutral, such as they/them, however others may use pronouns that are typically associated with a certain gender, such as she/her or he/him.

A non-binary person may also use gender-neutral pronouns that are far more appropriate for them. Gender-neutral pronoun examples include:

  • xe/xem
  • ze/zir
  • xe/xem

Others might want to use pronouns they have coined for themselves. It’s possible that some friends will choose to shorten their names. It is advisable to always look for more details. To keep everyone happy, it might therefore be preferable to use the person’s name.

Some individuals may have a male or female orientation. Numerous non-binary individuals lack any alignment at all. Never infer someone’s gender from the way they express their gender. Always question someone in a conversation about their preferred pronouns. On social media, make sure to communicate your pronouns with both the people you follow and the people you follow.

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