6 Things to be Grateful For When Times Are Tough

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When things get difficult, you can sometimes feel sad. Don’t worry, it’s normal. But how do you bounce back & boost your mood and relax? The simple solution is gratitude. Being grateful and positive, fills you up with serotonin, dopamine and other feel good hormones. 

When things are tough, being grateful can help you feel positive.

Here are some simple things you can be grateful for when things get difficult!

Your beating heart. When you feel low, sad or even anxious, your heart rate is probably going to be very high. At such a time, feel grateful that your heart is working super hard just for you. It’s pumping blood to give you energy. Place your hand on your heart and count the beats. As you focus on it, you might just help reduce your anxiety and help you feel better when you’re sad.

The cells in your body. Imagine the size of a single cell in your body. Now, think how hard that one cell is working for you! No, there are millions and millions of cells working hard just to keep you going! They care about you and want what’s best for you. Think about them positively and express your gratitude for being there. As a result, it will boost your mood and reduce any anxiety.

Technology. This scientific advancement is a great boon for all of us! It’s always with you and it can connect you to everything and everyone, including your loved ones. It gives you a cell phone or c computer that can distract you and give you answers you need! It can give you tips to feel better or let you call someone who will help you feel better and thus, help reduce your anxiety.

Be grateful for the food you eat and watch yourself smile

The food you eat. Be grateful for the food you can eat everyday! You can cook a meal which is nourishing and tasty and if you’re not in the mood to cook, you can always order in. Anything you might want to eat or crave, you have access to instantly! Plus, food is always associated with memories, so you can always think about food for a moment of gratefulness and happiness, even in bleak times.

A happy memory. When sad, low or anxious, go back to a happy memory you have. From your childhood, your school days or something you experienced last week. Whatever made you happy. Remember how it felt and allow that positivity to surge through your body. Hence, this gratitude will help you feel better and help you.

Childhood memories, family time and other good feelings can help you feel better.

Your loved ones. Think about your loved ones. A family member, a friend, a colleague or even a pet! Think about how happy they make you feel and how lovely they are. When you do that, you will feel good thoughts enter your mind. Think of any one person and send them a compliment in your head. As a result of this expression of gratitude, you feel better and reduce anxiety.

When times are tough, sadness is normal. What matters is how you’re able to bounce back from it. Sometimes you may even feel anxious about the uncertainty of things. Anxiety can manifest in many different ways and everyone responds differently to anxiety. As a result of happy thoughts and gratefulness, anxiety and sadness can be helped. Guided meditation, breathing and even the food you eat can manage anxiety.

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