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Evolve is an Indian app that makes personal growth light and joyful! Our guided audios incorporate a variety of proven techniques to help you sleep better, practice daily meditation, stress less, reduce anger, build relationships, increase productivity & improve focus. Our approach is refreshing & our meditation techniques, joyful! We strive to make your personal growth and emotional well-being simple and uncomplicated.

Our mindfulness meditation techniques are joyful and designed to help you stress less and sleep better.

We use a variety of proven meditation techniques to help you stay balanced and grounded, whenever you face a trigger. As a result, you feel better, stress less and manage any negative emotion you are facing.

The meditation techniques on Evolve which help you sleep better and stress less

Mindfulness – Mindfulness is the meditation technique of staying in the present moment. This happens by observing something other than your breath, such as your thoughts, perceptions, feelings, sensations or even an object around you. With our guided exercises, you can incorporate 5 minutes of mindfulness into your day, no matter what you’re doing! Some of our mindfulness audios include – mindful chai, mindful walking and control your cravings. As a result, you stay in the moment and stress less about what’s going on outside the moment.

Our breathing meditation techniques help you stress less and sleep better.

Breathing – We believe that breathing is a great tool to change the state of your mind. If you can pay attention to your breath, you can quickly attain balance. Hence, our meditation techniques include making your breath the focus of attention and manipulating your mind and body with simple breathing exercises. Listen to our refreshing 4-7-8 breathing to stress less and sleep better, or box breathing to focus in the moment.

Gratitude – Sending gratitude, being positive & kind towards yourself & others can help positivity and happiness surge through our body! In fact, it’s a scientific fact that a few minutes of gratitude help produce more oxytocin. Oxytocin is the cuddle hormone which makes you feel good. As a result, it reduces the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body. Our refreshing guided audios help you express gratitude towards yourself and others. This helps you appreciate the little things in life. As a result, you stress less, reduce anxiety or even be mindful for a few minutes. Try our “send a gift of gratitude” audio and experience some love.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful meditation techniques to stress less and be positive.

Holding space – Holding space is one of the most powerful meditation techniques which help you process your thoughts, manage anxiety and bounce back after a negative period. This technique to to be with yourself without judgment,inspired by how therapists & coaches work with clients. Our guided audios help you process your thoughts and fears and ask the right questions, so that you can get the necessary answers and manage anxiety, stress less. Try our audio “calm your racing mind” and “channelise positivity” today. As a result, you will feel better!

Visualisation – One of the most powerful meditation techniques where you can visualise yourself in various surroundings or environments. This helps to engage your senses through imagery. As a result of these scenarios, you will stress less, sleep better, practice gratitude and improve your focus! Our visualisations are light, cheery and hence, help you feel better instantly! Some powerful visualisation audios include “ground your feet, just let go and cloud meditation” which help you stress less. Our sleep audio sunset at the beach helps you sleep better with an engaging visualisation!

Somatic awareness – Your mind and body complement each other. Hence, by tuning into your body and the sensations it is feeling, you can help change your state of mind and balance. This technique involves a body scan where you carefully and slowly pay attention to how your body is reacting to certain triggers and release your tension and stress within moments! Our guided sleep meditation audios use meditation techniques that include somatic awareness to help you stress less and sleep better. Try “switch off for the day” today!

All the meditation techniques used on our app are scientifically proven to help you manage emotions and balance yourself. Our audios will guide you through each and every technique from the basics, so even if you’re just getting started, we got your back! The Evolve app is now live and completely free to download. Click here to try! Use it today and you will stress less, sleep better and be happier! Your joyful personal growth journey is waiting for you to get started!

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