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Have you listened to music to improve your mood and feel better? Ever drifted into your dreams while listening to music? You’re not alone. There are specific sounds that can lull you into a deep sleep. They help you sleep faster and better through the night. Deep sleep music helps your body switch off and relax. Certain types of calming music and soothing sounds will activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and help begin your sleep cycle. In fact, studies have shown that listening to pleasant music for 45 minutes can help you sleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. 

How deep sleep music helps you sleep faster

  1. Music calms you down
  2. Relaxing effect
  3. Happiness

Calming effect. Listening to calming music helps you wind down and allows your brain to switch off. Put on sounds of the rain falling, waves of the ocean or a soothing breeze. These sounds are known to create restful sleep and hence, help you sleep faster and better. They are feel-good in nature and activate your circadian rhythm, which regulates your internal sleep cycle. As a result, you start to feel sleepy.

The great relaxer. Noise is unpleasant and disturbing, music is rhythmic and soothing. There are very few things more relaxing than listening to music, wherever and whenever. Be it classical music or your favourite hip hop band, music has a tendency to help you relax. Deep sleep music takes it a step further. It activates your PNS, which starts to slow down your heart rate and makes your breathing shallow. As a result, your body and mind starts to relax and wind down for the day.

Happiness. Music evokes a sense of positivity and happiness. This helps you go to sleep with happy thoughts and sleep faster. When you listen to deep sleep music which usually consists of natural sounds, you are transported to a fantasy land. Everything is cheery, joyful and pleasing to your mind. It helps secrete serotonin and melatonin, which are key hormones for restful sleep. As a result, you feel drowsy and potentially sleep faster. It’s why sleep apps are very popular now! In fact, Evolve has a soothing background sound designed to help you feel balanced and relaxed, so you reduce negative thoughts and sleep with happy thoughts.

Music is a simple and effective way to balance your mind and get better sleep. It’s a simple thing which you can add to your everyday routine to help improve your sleep quality. This is just one of the factors that helps you sleep faster. Meditation, knowledge of sleep cycles, lifestyle and everyday habits, and the food you eat have a major impact on your sleep.

Evolve’s joyful guided audios help you sleep faster and enjoy deep sleep. The app is live globally on Android and Apple, click here to download.

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