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Are you having trouble sleeping at night? It could be due to a variety of reasons including work, covid, personal problems or just too many thoughts. At such a time, it’s important to find quick hacks to sleep faster. They can be part of your routine, help you relax your body & mind and be super quick to do! 

Here 5 hacks to help you sleep faster when you have trouble sleeping at night

1. Reading:

Reading a book can relax your body by lowering your heart rate, easing the tension in your muscles and reducing stress by 68%. So if you’re facing trouble sleeping, find a book, news article or blog you enjoy and take some time to read. It will help you switch off for the day and fall asleep fast!

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2. Sleep Apps:

Sleep apps such as Evolve help you sleep faster and allow you to enjoy a good night’s rest. How? With light & joyful guided audios that help you switch off your body & mind. Evolve’s audios also include a variety of proven techniques used by sleep experts which are designed to help when you’re having trouble sleeping. The best part, they are completely free!

3. Late Night Shower:

A late night bath might just be what you need to end the day on a right note. It helps you get comfortable, relaxes your body and mind and allows you to spend some time with yourself. This will help you close out any thoughts and be balanced. It also gives you a chance to practice mindful bathing!

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4. Sleep Routine:

Having a bedtime routine is a great way to wind down. It tells your mind that it’s now time to sleep and get some rest. By following a specific routine every night, you can sleep faster and enjoy improved sleep quality. Small activities like stretching, journaling and listening to music can help you when you have trouble sleeping. 

5. Breathing Exercise:

In case you do not wish to practice a full-fledged meditation, breathing exercises can help when you have trouble sleeping. They are designed to lower your heart rate, reduce tension and allow your body to switch off for the day. They activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for helping your body to end the day. As a result, you can sleep faster and practice mindfulness together! You can try our box breathing and 4-7-8 breathing exercises here! In fact, all of Evolve’s sleep audios include a breathing technique that helps you sleep like a baby!

These 5 hacks can help you switch off for the day! Start making a habit out of these and you’ll find yourself enjoying a great night’s sleep in no time. Work thoughts won’t worry you, covid will be a haze as you drift into your dreams and sleep faster! This, along with good food habits and less exposure to screens at night can definitely help you when you have trouble sleeping.

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