How To Handle Work Pressure & When To Quit

Why do you need to manage work pressure?

Work pressure. Everyone knows what it is and it is a common feeling to be under pressure at work for any millennial or working professional. In today’s time it is unfortunately a norm to be overworked and deal with constant stress and pressure. It can cause a dip in productivity and performance, happiness and mood and affect your personal life as well. From feeling low at home, potential burnout and the health issues that prolonged stress can bring, it’s key you are able to manage work pressure.

This is why it’s important to know how to handle pressure at work and have simple stress management techniques!

Here are simple to manage work pressure

  1. Take plenty of breaks
  2. Create boundaries from work
  3. Pursue your passions
  4. Take a holiday

Take plenty of breaks

Breaks are underrated and have a bad reputation. Taking breaks doesn’t mean you are wasting time or procrastinating; it means you’re giving your mind and body time to recharge and reset. In fact, studies show that taking a break every 1 hour for about 15 minutes can improve focus and reduce stress. It’s a great way to release any work pressure and relax with colleagues.

Create boundaries from work

A common reason for work pressure and stress is overworking. You work so many hours under crunched deadlines, it’s impossible to not feel overwhelmed. If you were working from home, lack of free time might have been at a premium too! In order to counter this and manage work pressure, create boundaries between your work life and home life. Don’t answer work calls once you log off. Let clients and colleagues know you will be unable to work during weekends and if it’s urgent to email you. These little things can help you manage your stress and not feel overwhelmed. Some quality time for yourself can do wonders.

Pursue a passion

So you’ve created boundaries and are now enjoying some quality weekend time. What can you do to totally switch off from work and all the pressure it brings? Pursue a passion or hobby you really enjoy. It could be embroidery, gardening, painting, exercises or playing a game. Anything your heart desires is good. As long as you’re taking time to do things you enjoy and reset your mind, you will be able to handle work pressure and relax.

Take a holiday

If the pressure has gotten to a point where your mental well-being is at risk and you feel burnout approaching, please take a leave of absence and take a holiday. This does not mean you need to go on a vacation but 5-7 days of rest at home or a small weekend getaway can do wonders for your health. Work pressure if unmanaged can cause health issues, mental health issues and taking time to recognise it and fix it is necessary. 

When does work pressure get too much and when should you quit?

If the work pressure has been intense for a long period, and stress management tips or taking a break hasn’t helped you, it might be time to take a step back and reflect. Chronic stress and pressure is something nobody should go through and if it’s been going on for more than a few months, quitting your high pressure job is something you should consider. Being under pressure at work is one, but this can have serious ramifications for your overall well-being. There is no shame in quitting a job due to such concerns. In fact, you’d be doing yourself a favour and making yourself a priority by doing what’s right for your health. 

In case it has gotten so much that you’re finding it difficult to manage and you’re unable to reduce stress over time, please consider drastic measures. In the meantime, please try these simple stress relief techniques, meditate everyday, eat good food and spend time with family and friends to be happy.

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