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Studying isn’t and has never been easy. It is mentally challenging and requires efforts. Hence, any hacks and tips are always useful! Be it for college or a professional exam, studying always comes with its fair share of distractions. What matters is how you respond to those distractions and stay focused. A checklist of things to keep in mind before you start studying can help keep your attention on your books and boost productivity! It can even help ease your exam stress! 

This is a simple checklist of items for you to follow and keep in mind before your next session of studying in order to improve focus. 

A checklist to stay focused while studying.

Study session focus checklist

Decide and clearly outline what you will be studying for the session ✔️
Put your phone aside before you start studying ✔️
Ensure your study desk is neat and tidy ✔️
Keep the temperature in your room comfortable and pleasant ✔️
Settle your thoughts before you begin with a few deep breaths ✔️
Drink water before you start and keep a bottle with you ✔️
Ensure all your books and notes are with you ✔️
Close all unnecessary tabs on your computer if you’re using it ✔️
Ensure you are well-rested and aren’t hungry ✔️
Take proper breaks between two studying session ✔️

Follow these simple tips and prepare yourself for a session of productive studying. As a result, you will be able to improve your focus, be productive and study well! Remember, there is no time like the present to try and improve your focus to achieve more! 

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